Stock Up on Thrifty Poshmark Packing Materials

Dollar Tree Posh Packing

When I first started selling on Poshmark, I thought it would be expensive to keep a ready supply of packing materials on hand — I especially felt the pressure to make sure each package looks cute and has a little note, and I worried that the costs would add up, but I soon found that this doesn’t have to be the case.

The first rule of thrifty Posh packaging: reduce and reuse.

I’m big on reducing waste, so I like to reuse as much packaging as possible when it comes to shipping my Poshmark sales. I usually save all my boxes, envelopes, and tissue paper so long as it’s in good condition. Yes, it’s true that you can request free Priority Mail boxes and envelopes from USPS and they’ll be delivered to your door. But isn’t that pretty wasteful? (It totally is.)

With that in mind, I try to be careful about how I open envelopes and boxes when I get them so that I can reuse them later on. Plus, it’s free packing materials! Who doesn’t like free? Just peel the old label off and you’re good to go!

Dollar Store Poshmark Packaging Tips

If you don’t have any packing materials and need a cheap starting point, I recommend checking out the dollar store. It has a wide variety of packing materials (bubble mailers, boxes, envelopes, etc.), and the party section has a nice array of colorful tissue papers. Sometimes I even buy the flat, rectangular gift boxes from this section for shipping larger items, like men’s shirts or long dresses, and wrap the box in brown paper (aka brown paper bags) to ship. Easy peasy!

One of my favorite things to stock up on at Dollar Tree is packing tape. I always skip the rolls from the office supplies/shipping section and buy a roll of clear tape from the automotive/home improvement isle. It’s basically the same thing, but you get more feet per roll — score!

The last thing I like to stock up on from the dollar store is thank you cards. Poshmark encourages its sellers to include a personalized thank you note in each package. It adds a special touch that lets your buyer know you appreciate their business.

Dollar Tree has a variety of cute cards — I recently picked up the ones in the picture above featuring a dachshund riding a bike. Cute, huh? There are six cards per pack, so I think it’s a pretty good deal. I’m not shipping off a package every single day, so six cards is enough for now. (Plus I have a ton of thank you cards left over from our wedding that I’ve been using.)

Other things you can get at the dollar store to personalize your packing: ribbons, twine, confetti, bubble wrap, glitter pens, Ziploc bags, and fun little extras like lip balm or whatnot! Buyers love getting a surprise little extra in their package — it’s not something I personally do, but if it’s your thing, go for it! I once got a stick of incense with a Poshmark purchase, and I thought it was so thoughtful and unique.

What are your Posh packing secrets? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading!



Little Bitty Thrift Haul

Hey, all!

Since I don’t live in the same town as my work anymore and can’t go home for lunch, I’ve been finding all sorts of things to do on my lunch break — go to the library, run errands, visit a nursery, etc. Today I had to drop off a Poshmark package at the Post Office, so I figured I’d pop into Salvation Army while I was in the neighborhood.

We have a plethora of ripe blackberries growing wild on our new acreage — too many to eat before they’ll inevitably go bad — so I was hoping to find a small stock pot to do some small-batch canning this weekend. (Long story short, we have 3 giant water bath canners that I can’t use this year due to the fragility of our glass-top stove that came with the house.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a small stock pot, which seems a bit odd to me because they always seem to be the one staple thrift stores carry. One of the sales associates said they’d had a big sale last weekend and most things were cleaned out.

BUT! I did find some excellent things anyway, and I paid under $10 total! Woo!

First up, something that has been on my list — a new muffin pan. One that holds more than a paltry sum of six muffins. This one is stoneware is made by Pampered Chef. It doesn’t appear they sell it on their site anymore, but it looks like it would have cost somewhere between $25 and $45.

It was marked at $4, and I got an additional 25% off since it was an orange tag. Yowza! I’m itching to bake some morning glory muffins in it soon.

Next up, this pretty little tea kettle. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for roses and bees (not necessarily in that order), and it’s a bonus that this print matches a tray I already had at home. It only made sense to complete the set, right? 😉

It was marked at 3.99, and I got an additional 50% off since it was a yellow tag. Whatta score!

And finally, I got a pair of women’s black plaid shortalls — they’re very ’90s grunge-looking, which is what stood out to me about them. Unfortunately for me (or fortunately, since I have shortalls problem already), they are a size too big for me and will be added to my Poshmark closet for some lucky ’90s babe to rock on the reg.

Something I saw but didn’t get: a box set of some old Stephen King paperback novels. I’m thinking I might go back for them — they would be a good birthday present for J.

And so the hunt for a small stock pot continues. I might check out the Goodwill in our new town this weekend, but since it’s a small town where a lot of antiques are donated, things tend to be priced higher, and I haven’t had a whole lot of luck there.

What great things have you thrifted lately? I’d love to hear!



Posh Packing 101

Poshmark packaging tips

Congratulations, you made your first Poshmark sale! Hooray! Time to pack that baby up and send it on its way. But where to start?

First, you need to determine what kind of container will work best for the particular item you sold. Envelope? Box? Padded mailer? It all depends on what you’re shipping — I might put a blouse in a large envelope, whereas a pair of heels would go in a box with lots of cushioning.

Note: You CANNOT use (or reuse) flat rate envelopes and boxes for Poshmark sales. Poshmark labels are priority mail — neither you nor your buyer paid for flat rate shipping, so you cannot use it. Sucks, yeah, but it’s the rules.

Extra note: If your item weighs more than five pounds, you will need to upgrade your shipping label through Poshmark. In my year of selling, I’ve only ever had to do this once when I sold a pair of heavy shoes. You do have to pay for the upgraded shipping out of your own pocket, which is a bit of a drag.

Next, I like to wrap the item like a little gift before nestling it in the box — think tissue paper and twine or ribbon. It’s much nicer than getting something just shoved in a box. The thought does count, and you’re much likelier to get a positive review from your buyer if you put some thought and effort into your packaging.

Poshmark packaging tips

Is your mailer waterproof? You never know if your package will be sitting on a doorstep in the rain or snow for a while. If I use a manila envelope that has no lining, I will slip the tissue-wrapped item in a large Ziploc bag before sealing the envelope closed — just to ensure no damage occurs.

Don’t forget a thank you card! Poshmark encourages its sellers to include a personalized thank-you note in each package. It adds a special touch that lets your buyer know you appreciate their business. This doesn’t have to be expensive — I typically pick up a pack of cards from the Dollar Tree.

Tape your package closed and slap on your pre-paid mailing label. Drop it off at the Post Office, or use the USPS app to schedule a free next-day pick up from your home.

It’s as easy as that — you’re now well on your way to some 5-star reviews!

Happy Poshing!


A Few Life Updates & Small Haul

Hello, all!

Long time no see (again). I’m sorry I’ve been so absent as of late — as I mentioned a few (many) months ago, we’ve been saving for buying a home, and I’m so excited to announce that mission has been accomplished, and we have been proud first-time homeowners for nearly three months!

Long story short, there hasn’t been much thrifting as of late. I’ve made a few small trips, but most of my effort these past few months has been concentrated on house, house, and more house, and clearing out my closet (check out my Poshmark closet for some deals on my gently loved clothing and accessories). It’s all been a bit exhausting, but I’ve loved every second of it.

I did make it to Goodwill and Salvation Army once before we moved, though, which was a nice bit of a break from everything. There’s something so calming about wandering down isles of knickknacks and racks of clothing and pondering the history behind each item. (Or is that just me? It is? Ok.)

On my trip to Goodwill, I found an assortment of cozy springtime things: two infinity scarves, a pair of green leather heels, and a crochet shawl wrap. I also found a book for my mom for Mother’s Day (Wow, that was a while ago, huh?), and a pretty tin jar I’m using to store my seeds — because we have acreage now, and I can have a garden! Wheee!

At Salvation Army, I found this pretty blue maxi skirt with tulips on it and this basket I intend to use for carrying things while puttering around the garden. I did make another stop in at SA a few weeks later (because I apparently can’t go to the Post Office without a pit stop at the thrift store afterward), and I scored this beautiful vintage floral maxi dress for only 81 cents! Aren’t those pearlescent buttons dreamy?

Oh, and I did make it to the humane society thrift store as well, which yielded my best find of the month: actual L.L. Bean boots in my size for $5.99! What a steal!

So there probably won’t be too many thrift hauls in the near future due to being pretty strapped for cash. But I’d assume there will be a few, at least!

If you’re interested in seeing some snapshots of our new life on 3 acres, you can follow me on Instagram @ unwritablegirl.

Hope you all are well and staying cool this summer!


How to Take the Perfect Poshmark Cover Photo


Hey, everyone! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about selling on Poshmark since I posted this blog post last month regarding my thoughts and experience so far, so I thought I’d start sharing some tips and tricks.

The number one thing I’ve learned in my current seven-month span of selling is that a good cover photo is KEY to making a sale. Think about it: It’s a first impression. If your photo is poorly lit, the item you’re sellilng is wrinkled, and it’s laying on a dirty carpet, chances are a potential buyer will be turned off and won’t click on it. That’s not what you want.

You want your buyer intrigued from the get go—the key is to make your item (and your closet!) stand out from the slew of other items like it. You want someone to make an impulse purchase, or at the very least push that “like” button so they’ll come back to it later. So how do you do that?

  1. First and foremost, make sure whatever you’re selling is clean and as wrinkle-free as possible. Give it a wash and a light iron if needed. Lint roll if you have pets.
  2. Take your photos in natural light. Try to shoot near a window during peak daylight hours. I live in a very rainy area, so this tends to be a problem for me at times. Take advantage of that sunlight when you can!
  3. Pick a cover photo style and be consistent with it. Whether you use a mannequin, a seamstress dummy, a hanger, or the flat lay is totally up to you. Just make sure you have consistently styled cover photos—think of it as your personal brand. It makes it easier for other Poshers (other users) to remember and recognize your closet. If you’re at a loss for where to start, take a look at some of your favorite closets or some Suggested Users for ideas.
  4. Use a background that’s not too busy. I prefer a stark white background because I think it looks clean and really showcases the item, but that’s just me. You can use a bedsheet, a rug, a wall, a counter, etc. Some people even use large sheets of poster or foam board as a designated background. Whatever floats your boat! I personally use a white counter, and occasionally a white bedsheet or tablecloth. It kind of just depends on where I’m getting the best light.

Of course, the cover photo is only the first step—you then have to create the rest of the listing. Stay tuned this month for tips on creating listings that sell! Happy Poshing!


Sephora & Ulta Birthday Gift Unboxing

A perk to having your birthday at the beginning of the new year is that you get almost immediate access to the new year’s birthday gifts for members of stores like Sephora and Ulta.

Yes, happy belated birthday to me!

And maybe you’re wondering, since your birthday might not be for a while, what the birthday gifts from these stores are this year?

Don’t worry; I got you.

From Sephora we have this cute little Tarte duo of the Amazonian clay blush and Tarteist matte lip color. I was a little skeptical of the lip color, as pink isn’t my usual lip jam. But I was pleasantly surprised at how it complemented my skin tone, and it lasted all day.

The blush is the Tarte Amazonian clay blush, and it looks like it complements pretty much any skin tone. It’s more of a brown/nude pink than a bright pink, and I was a little concerned how it would look on me because I have such pale skin. But it worked out well!

And from Ulta the current birthday gift is a deluxe sample of the Porefessional face primer. I’ll be honest, I’ve only tried this once so far!

I typically throw sample-sized things in my travel makeup bag to test out next time I go out of town, and the one time I did use it I enjoyed it. I didn’t notice anything extra special about it, and my pores looked about the same, but it worked well for priming for my foundation.

Hope you enjoyed this little rundown!

—Marge 💋

Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, Jan. 2016

Hello, here’s the last super-late edition of Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, which just so happens to be the first one of 2017.

This year’s thrifting has started off pretty strong! I had incredible luck at my local Goodwill, scoring a whopping seven John Denver vinyl records that I didn’t previously have, plus a giant Pendleton snow globe with Mt. Hood inside.

My husband groaned at the records (he just doesn’t understand the magic of Johnny D’s voice), but he thought the snow globe was pretty cool.

I’ll be honest, I about screamed when I saw it on the shelf in the store. Who would get rid of something that cool?! I paid $12 for it, which seems like a lot, but I knew Pendleton is expensive, so when I got home I looked it up. It’s still on the website for $80. Holy cow, you guys!

I also found these black heeled booties of my dreams. It was a great day. Enough said.

I picked up a few things at Salvation Army in January as well:

  • Nude full slip (for some reason these are ridiculously hard to find)
  • Jeans to DIY into shorts (should I do a shorts DIY for you all?)

And January pulled me back to the Goodwill Outlet, or as it’s known more colloquially, the bins!

I hadn’t made a trip to the bins in about a year, and boy was this a good trip. I scored a bunch of children’s books for my nephew for 10 cents each, a few sweaters to add to my Poshmark inventory, and this gorgeous giant mandala tapestry.

It was by far the crowning glory of the trip. I’d been dying for one nearly exactly like this, but they’re about $40 online. I got this for like $2, since nearly everything is sold by the pound at the bins. Crazy, right?

Unfortunately, it’s so much bigger than I thought, so I don’t currently have a place to hang it. Our apartment isn’t huge, so there’s already stuff on the walls (wedding pictures, etc.). But as soon as we move it’ll be one of the first things I hang up!

Look out for a post soon on how to shop the bins!  In the meantime, let me know what great things you’ve thrifted lately!


Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, Dec. 2016

Hello, everyone! With 2017 well underway, it is time to play catch-up (yet again, sigh). This is the last—and very belated—Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store of 2016, and I don’t know about you, but I’d say I had a pretty good year of thrifting, over all.

In December I didn’t do a whole lot of thrifting, but I did do a little secondhand shopping through Poshmark, which is kind of the same thing but from the comfort of your own home. (Are you guys tired of hearing about Poshmark yet?)


Before Christmas, I popped by our Salvation Army and snagged a retro-looking wicker purse with red accents (about 1.50 at the Salvation Army 50% off sale). I’m really exited about this purse because it’s perfect for summer! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it for you guys. Sorry 😦 I will try to add one later.

I took my sister thrifting at Goodwill while we were home for Christmas and gave her most of my thrifting good luck. She doesn’t really understand shopping thrift stores, but she had major luck when I took her and gave her a few pointers. Safe to say, I think I converted her!

I didn’t score nearly as much as her, but this is what I did find:

  • vintage floral maxi dress—It had a hole in one of the side seams, but nothing I couldn’t fix myself! -pair of black Ferragamo-style flats
  • men’s flannel for myself (the red and white one on the left)
  • two flannel shirts for my husband—one is L.L. Bean, perfect condition, and I got it for $5.99!

Living in the Pacific Northwest is a dream come true when looking for flannel, I tell you what. I’ve had a lot of luck, as you can see.

Keep your eyes out for the belated January thrift haul soon!

Ipsy Unboxing & Review, Dec. 2016

Hey, everyone! I’m playing catch-up, yet again.

This is my final Ipsy Glam Bag review. As mentioned in the last one, we are saving for a downpayment on a house, and I cancelled a bunch of subscriptions to save some cash—including Ipsy.

I’m not too heartbroken about it; I was collecting too many makeup bags, and the samples I was receiving as of late weren’t thrilling me.

So without further ado, here are the last samples I was sent.:

  • Aurora Intensely Precise liquid eyeliner in “Cinnamon”—this stuff does NOT come off, which can either be good or bad. You decide. I’ve only worn this once, and it irritated my eyes a little. Plus, I don’t really wear brown liner ever.
  • NYX purple prismatic eye shadow—This was a giant NOPE for me. The color isn’t flattering to my skin tone, and it was way too sparkly for my taste.
  • Jersey Shore Cosmetics peppermint lip balm—This is an alright product. I do enjoy a good peppermint lip balm, but, man, I don’t need so many lip balms.
  • Royal & Langnickel MODA angle shader brush—This was probably the best thing I received. I use this brush all the time for blending.
  • Smashbox Insta-Matte lipstick transformer—I was really excited to receive this, but I’ve yet to try it. And it is now February. I’m sure it works great, but I already have a lot of matte lipsticks and haven’t found an occasion where I’ve felt like I needed it.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even like the makeup bag for this month either. I can tell Ipsy was trying to channel the iconic pink envelope it sends its samples out in, but I don’t love it or the faux-fur fabric its crafted from. It looks tacky, in my opinion. This one is going to my Poshmark. Buh-bye.

What do you think of beauty subscriptions? Yay or nay?






Long time no see, eh?

Hi, all! Long time no see, eh?

I kinda fell off the face of the earth, didn’t I? Things have been busy in my neck of the woods—holidays, plans with friends, politics, extensive dental work, etc. all unfortunately temporarily pulled me away from the blogosphere and the internet in general, but I’m back now! (Until I get burned out again, of course. But I’m hoping to pace myself a bit better so that doesn’t happen.)

Also, beauty blogging is hard when you’re trying to set a budget and save for a home. Constantly reading product reviews makes me feel like I need to buy said products and post my own reviews, which is not healthy. So I stopped for a bit.

I’ve focused my time lately on reselling though Poshmark and trying to simplify my closet, which you can read about here. And if you’re interested, I’d be happy to write out some tips for reselling. Are you guys interested?

I also still have a bunch of drafts saved—my final Ipsy review from December, some monthly faves, a December thrift haul, and a breakdown of the current Sephora and Ulta birthday gifts, if you’re interested in reading those as well. Wow that’s a lot. Sorry for slacking off, guys. Let me know if I should post those, ok?

And I’m thinking sometime soon I’ll post my ultimate guide to thrifting like a pro. Keep your eyes peeled, friends! It will be full of all sorts of tips and tricks for scoring the best deals and coolest finds.

Thanks for reading!

—Marge 💋