February Faves ’16

Hello there, dear reader! As you’re probably aware, March is about half over. I’ve had this typed up and sitting on my computer since the last week of February, just procrastinating taking the pictures and getting wrapped up in other projects. But here it is, in all its glory, yours for the reading: my February favorites.


February in the Portland area is pretty gloomy and dreary, what with all the rain. And I can feel spring lurking around the corner, putting me in the mood for bright colors, yearning for sunshine, and dreaming of vacations. And, well, I found visions of these through retail therapy to get me in the mindset for better weather. Here are my top favorite things from this month that really took the cake and partially sated my hunger for sunshine.


Lush No Drought dry shampoo
This is probably my favorite product of the whole month. It is hands-down the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used. I thought using a dry shampoo that doesn’t come in an aerosol can would be tricky and messy, but it’s really not. You squeeze the bottle to puff the shampoo out, and then just brush/massage it in to your roots. And it smells summery and so incredible—limes!

Lunatick Cosmetics’ Supernatural palette
This was my favorite cosmetics purchase this month. Lunatick had a 40% off winter sale, so I knew I had to snag this. It’s got five different eyeshadows inside (four of which are matte), and the mirror on the lid is shaped like a bat! Which, if any of you know me well, you’ll know bats are my favorite animal. I like this palette because its burgundys and grays are a nice alternative to most of the browns in the Naked palettes I have. Plus, it’s shaped like a coffin and has an Ouija board theme. Can’t go wrong there.

Originally I was on the hunt for the perfect scent to wear at my wedding (which I did find!), but with Sephora offering triple points on fragrance through Valentine’s day, I knew I had to get something additional to spritz in the meantime. I’ve had multiple friends recommend Marc Jacobs’ Daisy to me, so I splurged (and accidentally bought the really ugly limited edition black bottle). But the scent is the same, and now I don’t think I can go a day without it—there’s something about a spritz of fragrance in addition to my usual swipe of lipstick makes me feel sophisticated and put-together.

Spring goodies in the Target One Spot
The sunhat was only $5 and I am totally smitten with it. And I’m especially wowed at the price—sunhats at Target usually fall into the $20 range. Give me a thick book and a beach towel, and I’m all set!

The travel cup has me pumped for spring and taking iced coffee to work. I cold brew my own at home during summer because I’m a cheapo but still need my fix.

Heart-shaped sunglasses
I’d be lying if I said this was my first pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. I also have a champagne-colored pair. Even though I talk a lot of junk about looking professional and polished and whatnot, I do ultimately think that fashion should be fun, if a little childish at times. And accessories like these are just that!

New planner
Last week I went to mark our wedding date in my planner…but October was nowhere to be seen because it’s a 2015–16 July–June planner. And since the year is still fairly new, there was still a good selection of cute planners at the store. I made sure to get a complete 2016 one this time, since I’m out of school now and have a big-girl job that doesn’t require planning around the summer. This one is the perfect mix of classy-cool meets ’90s prints. Never mind that I have three planners at the moment. It’s not important. (They each have their own purpose, okay? Sheesh.)

Cameron’s Books & Magazines
This is hands-down my new favorite used bookstore in the Portland area. I got a whole stack of Hermann Hesse books for $2 each, not realizing there was a Siddhartha copy shoved in that I already had (not the first time I’ve purchased multiple copies of a particular book). This place is used-book heaven. I got a total of seven books for only $22 dollars. A total steal.

And though I was dreaming of sun this whole month, the reality is that it rained almost every single day. And used bookstores are like home on a drizzly afternoon.

My original intent was to do this favorites roundup every month, but I’m trying to spend less in order to save more so J. and I can to take the honeymoon of our dreams, so this might not happen as regularly as I’d like until after October (or until I buy some cute inexpensive travel things for the honeymoon, which I totally haven’t already started doing…). But I’ve been selling on eBay, so that lightens the load a little, eh?

Until next time, stay fabulous!

—Marge 💋


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