Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, 7.16

Heading into a thrift store, for me, is always a moment filled with anticipation and unspoken possibilities. I’m eager for the hunt, so to speak, and to scour the store for items on my mental thrift list. (What, you don’t have one? You should.)

I swung by Salvation Army on the day of its storewide 50% off sale, and boy, was I NOT disappointed. This sale was such a score for me that I haven’t stopped talking about it all month; it’s gotten to the point where my fiancé rolls his eyes when I mention it. (Ok, J., I’ll stop talking about the sale now, sheesh.)
Here’s the lowdown:

-overalls—I almost didn’t snag these—even though I always look for overalls and never see any—because they’re a little big. But J. said they looked good on me, and that was all the convincing I needed.

-Pendelton wool—Everyone needs a good flannel button-up. This is also going to be perfect for Ireland! And fall, duh—my One True Love. (Sorry, J.) AND with the sale, it was only $3!

-red strappy sandals—these were brand new! Still had tags and the paper stuffing. Perfect for summer. 

-ivory shoes w/ bows (69 cents!)—thought these might go well with my wedding dress, but they’re too dark in color. So they will be work shoes instead.

-Hardcover copy of Dracula w/ Edward Gorey illustrations

The Wastelands by Stephen King, because I’m almost finished with the second Dark Tower book. 

A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man paperback (trying to read as much Joyce as possible before Ireland)

-terracotta pot—for transplanting my succulents (Gardening pots, etc. are so cheap at thrift stores, you guys. If you haven’t jumped on this yet, you should.)

-chicken dish set—new in box. My mom loves chickens, so this will make a nice birthday gift for her—I think she’ll get a kick out of the chicken foot.

My thrifting as of late has yielded more housewares than clothing and accessories, I’m realizing. But that’s fine with me; I have way too many clothes. Although I could always use more work blouses…

To be continued…

P.S Are you as surprised as I am that this post and my monthly faves are both on time?! 


Marge’s Monthly Must-Haves: July 2016

Hey, everyone! As my wedding draws ever nearer, I’m finding myself purchasing even more beauty products with the excuse “I can wear this for the wedding!” And that’s pretty much what happened this July. Whoops.

I’m doing my own makeup for the big day though, so it’s a good excuse, right? Right.

Let’s get started with this month’s faves, shall we?

First up is Soap & Glory—I’ve been waiting for this line to show up in Ulta, and the day finally arrived! I was so overwhelmed by all the options that I limited myself to only two purchases: the Orangeasm body wash and the Righteous Butter bronzing lotion “with tanwrap technology.” And I gotta say, I’m in love with both.

The body wash smells so fresh and invigorating (even my fiancé loves it!) and it foams and froths well. The lotion actually DOES make my legs look tanned, and not in a baked-looking, orange way.

“Will you wear this for the wedding?” you’re probably think-asking.

Yes. Yes, I think I will, you beautiful reader, you.

Next up is Makeup Revolution’s Blushing Hearts  Goddess of Faith highlighter—I saw this on Pinterest and knew I had to try it for the wedding (for science), and when I got to Makeup Revolution’s website and saw how amazing their products are, I knew I had to order a few others (you can read about the haul here).

But let’s talk about this highlighter. First of all, cute box, right? Kind of reminds me of the Sweethearts blusher/bronzer from Too Faced. And it’s so shimmery. I always accidentally go overboard on this product when doing my makeup—you hardly see it on the brush, but then you brush it on, and BAM. SO SHINY. I PROMISE I’M NOT GREASY, I JUST WENT OVERBOARD. Heh.

The next favorite of mine is the Sun Bunny bronzer from Too Faced—this is a sample I got from Sephora by redeeming some of my points. I’m not big on bronzers, etc. but I trust Too Faced and figured I’d give it a try. I’m pretty dang wowed by it, guys. So much that I’m planning on wearing it for my wedding (surprise).

And of course, my July Ipsy Glam Bag. I’m ridiculously smitten with everything I got: Delectable by Cake hand cream in the scent lemon & cream, an angled brush, TreStique highlighter crayon, an Ofra lip liner, and a Meet Matt(e) Trimony eyeshadow from The Balm. And of course, the adorable holographic bag this month—swoon! (I’m going to have a hard time deciding which Ipsy bags to use for honeymoon!)

Nice to meet you, Matt(e).

I loved the mini eyeshadow so much that I indulged and purchased the whole Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette when it was up for the Ipsy offer of the day—it was a total steal at $22, a whopping 40% off the original price. The shades are so pigmented and creamy; I don’t regret my purchase one bit. I’ve been wearing it nonstop since it arrived.

Mine arrived a little dented and smudged, but no biggie.


…and I’ll probably continue to wear it into the foreseeable future.

What products did you swoon over this month? I’d love to hear!


How to DIY a Z Palette Dupe

About a month ago I set my mind to de-potting an ugly-ass eyeshadow palette (You can read about that here.) and crafting a Z Palette dupe, and one Saturday I did it.

Yes, you read that right: Saturday. As in, it only took me an afternoon—and I only spent $2 total for this project (Praise be the Dollar Tree!). And I’m going to show you how.

You’ll need:

shallow box
magnetic sheet
contact paper

So this box originally housed plastic teeth for dentures (my mom is in the dental field), and I thought it was just about the right size and depth for a makeshift palette. I figured I could hinge it and cover it with some pretty contact paper to seal the deal.

First I did some calculations (read: measuring the eyeshadow pots) to make sure they’d all fit nice and snug in my box of choice. And it turned out they would, with a little extra room.

Then I split open one of the sides of the lid of the box and taped it against the bottom to make a hinge, or sorts.

Next I laid it out on the contact paper and set to work covering it. Make sure to take your time—I forgot that bubbles are a thing that happens with contact paper and ended up with one right on the lid.

Ta-da! All covered. The label underneath shows through a little, but it doesn’t bother me that much.

I set one of my eyeshadow pots inside and decided that it’d be nice if they were a bit more raised, so I cut out to rectangles of corrugated cardboard, glued them together, and then glued the whole thing to the inside of the bottom portion of the box. I also decided a white piece of cardstock would be nice inside the lid—to cover my sloppy contact paper job.

Once those were glued, it was time for the magnet. Dollar Tree didn’t have any plain magnet sheets, but I DID find this sheet of punch-out patriotic magnets. I figured I’d just be careful to not punch out any of the magnets and cut out a rectangle the size of the box instead.

The magnet isn’t the strongest, but it does the job! I glued it in magnetic-side up and set to work arranging my pots of shadow. There was even room for a brush—it was fate. ❤️

Super simple, right? I’m very pleased with the results—look at all the space I’ve saved. Hooray for minimizing!

In theory you could add a little window to the lid of the box so you can see which cosmetics are inside, but it made me think too much of a box of doughnuts. I don’t want to be hungry all the time, guys. So I didn’t do it—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

Stay tuned later this week to learn how to de-pot your cosmetics to store in this nifty little box! In the meantime, let me know if you found this tutorial helpful or if you’ve used it—I’d love to see how yours turned out.

Stay fab!

—Marge 💋


Makeup Revolution Haul

Hey everyone! Thought I’d share my recent order from Makeup Revolution with you. I ordered from the UK website because it has some different items than the US one.

Originally I only wanted the Goddess of Love highlighter. Isn’t it dreamy? So shimmery!

Been wearing this every damn day, I tell you hwat.

But the more I browsed through the website, the more I was convinced I should snag some eyeshadow palettes as well.

I ended up with the #Selfie palette (which has a holographic thing on the front guaranteed to induce a seizure) which I’ve used pretty frequently this month. It has a nice mix of matte and glittery shadows. The shadows aren’t super pigmented, but have just enough color for everyday wear-to-work looks.

And the names, right? Pure gold.


The #Selfie palette included a tiny bottle of Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadow primer. It came in a little black tube with an applicator (seen in the top picture), and I used it a few times. It’s very shimmery and would be nice for days you don’t want to  do a full face of makeup, as it’s a nice brightener. But I wasn’t wowed. By the end of the day, my shadow had creased and the pigment in the shadows had faded. I think I’ll stick with my Urban Decay primer, thank you.

And finally, the last palette I picked out was the Mermaids Forever set, which has 32 shades.


I’ll be honest, I’ve only had a chance to use a handful of these shades so far. There are just so many to choose from! I’ve been gravitating toward the coral/burgundy shades so far. In terms of pigment, they’re pretty much the same as the #Selfie palette. Not super pigmented, but jst the right amount of color.

Have you guys tried anything by Makeup Revolution? What’d you think? I’d love some recommendations!

—Marge 💋


Marge’s Monthly Must-Haves: June 2016

Hello, everyone! Once again, my monthly must-haves is a tad late because life gets in the way sometimes (especially when you’re planning a wedding). So without further ado, here are my must-haves for June 2016. Enjoy!


Witch hazel —Do you guys know about witch hazel and how great it is? No? Let me tell you. I originally picked this up because I had some sort of stress-induced infection on my lips (TMI, sorry), and I read that witch hazel is a natural astringent (tightens skin) and kills bacteria. It practically healed my lips overnight.

I’ve since been using in on my face nightly as a toner, and on any acne problem areas. It’s apparently also good for reducing stretch marks, but I have yet to try it for that. The plain, unscented witch hazel (roughly $2 at any drugstore) smells a little funny, but it’s not unpleasant. Kind of earthy. Thayer’s also makes it infused with many different things—rose, lavender, and aloe vera, but it’s harder to find and is triple the price.

NYX matte finish setting spray—Remember a few months ago when I tried the setting spray by Wet N Wild? It was awesome, but it didn’t last long. So I picked up this one by NYX (a brand a mostly trust). My mom is even hooked on it!

Hard Candy It’s Raining Men (Top 10 Trendsetters eyeshadow palette)—I mean, c’mon. This packaging is adorable. I’ve had decent luck with Hard Candy in the past, so I decided to pick this up. Plus I didn’t own any green/gold or purple shadows, and I wanted something to make my green eyes pop. They work pretty dang well!

Physician’s Formula Conceal Rx—This is a concealer I picked up on my “I’m feeling sad so I’m going to buy makeup” excursion to Walmart. I Love physician’s formula. So much. It’s my favorite drugstore brand because it looks high-end and is relatively affordable.

This has been excellent for covering any red areas or blemishes on my face, but I was hoping it would conceal dark circles better. No such luck. (I’m considering trying GinZing for dark circles next.)

Becca foundation—This was given to me by my sister’s roommate in our last secondhand beauty swap. And I was a little wary of it at first. I didn’t realize that Becca is a brand sold at Sephora and Ulta, but I tried this and ended up liking it a whole lot. I’ve been wearing it for the past couple months, and now I’m eager to try some of the other products (like the Champagne Pop highlighter! Swoon!)

Urban Decay lipstick in Matte Temper—this is a beautiful orangy-red matte lipstick that I picked up from the clearance section of the JCP Sephora for only $11 (!!!). I regret not picking up a few other shades, because this formula is fantastic—it goes on creamy and light, doesn’t feel gooey or sticky, and isn’t drying. And it smells like chocolate!

And last but not least, here is my ipsy glam bag:

I wasn’t too thrilled with June’s bag—it wasn’t too cute, and I didn’t really like many of the products except for the Urban Decay eyeshadow. But I did get a day and night cream in my bag this month from some points I redeemed, and that was alright! And the Hey Honey eye contour cream has become a fast favorite.

Well, there were more must-haves this month than I thought there were! Have you guys tried any of these products/what do you think of them? What did you get in your subscription box/bag last month?

See you soon for July’s faves! 😬 💋