Makeup Revolution Haul

Hey everyone! Thought I’d share my recent order from Makeup Revolution with you. I ordered from the UK website because it has some different items than the US one.

Originally I only wanted the Goddess of Love highlighter. Isn’t it dreamy? So shimmery!

Been wearing this every damn day, I tell you hwat.

But the more I browsed through the website, the more I was convinced I should snag some eyeshadow palettes as well.

I ended up with the #Selfie palette (which has a holographic thing on the front guaranteed to induce a seizure) which I’ve used pretty frequently this month. It has a nice mix of matte and glittery shadows. The shadows aren’t super pigmented, but have just enough color for everyday wear-to-work looks.

And the names, right? Pure gold.


The #Selfie palette included a tiny bottle of Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadow primer. It came in a little black tube with an applicator (seen in the top picture), and I used it a few times. It’s very shimmery and would be nice for days you don’t want to  do a full face of makeup, as it’s a nice brightener. But I wasn’t wowed. By the end of the day, my shadow had creased and the pigment in the shadows had faded. I think I’ll stick with my Urban Decay primer, thank you.

And finally, the last palette I picked out was the Mermaids Forever set, which has 32 shades.


I’ll be honest, I’ve only had a chance to use a handful of these shades so far. There are just so many to choose from! I’ve been gravitating toward the coral/burgundy shades so far. In terms of pigment, they’re pretty much the same as the #Selfie palette. Not super pigmented, but jst the right amount of color.

Have you guys tried anything by Makeup Revolution? What’d you think? I’d love some recommendations!

—Marge 💋



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