Marge’s Montly Must-Haves, Aug. 2016

Hey there, everyone!
I hope August treated you well and that you tried out some fabulous new products. I had pretty good luck this month, with a total of five new must-haves that I wanted to share with you. So without further ado, here are the August faves!

1. NYX matte lipstick in the shade Euro Trash—I’d been looking everywhere for this after seeing it on Pinterest, but every time I went into Ulta, they didn’t have it. Until now.

I normally stay away from NYX lipsticks (except their liquid ones) because they go on too thin and smell oddly plastic-y. But I’ve been really happy with this matte one because it doesn’t possess any of the aforementioned properties. It’s a subtle, almost-nude color that is perfect for days I don’t feel like meticulously crafting the perfect red pout.

2. NYX tinted brow mascara—this is an oldie that I’ve been using on a more regular basis lately. (I even had to buy a new one!) It’s a tinted gel on a mascara wand that sets your brows after filling them in. I’ve found it also works well to shape your brows on a lazy day when you don’t feel like filling them in but still want them to look somewhat done. Gives them a little more oomph, you know? I use the brunette shade.

3. Garnier Micellar water—I’ve been using this every night after using a sample of micellar water I received in my Ipsy a few months back. It removes your makeup AND cleanses/moisturizes your face at the same time. How cool! I love this because it removes so many steps from my nightly routine, and it doesn’t leave my face super oily like some makeup removers do.

4. Exuviance Eye Contour Cream—I’ve been looking for a good eye cream, and the saleswoman at Ulta was REALLY pushing this at me—especially when I mentioned wanting to lift the hooding on one of my eyes. She claimed using it every day and it working wonders. She claimed a woman she knows in her 70s has been using it for years, and it got rid of the sags over her eyelids.

I carried it around the store for a while, hemming and hawing, not wanting to spend $70 on a 5 fl oz bottle of eye cream that might or might not work. Yikes, right? Being the thrifty woman I am, I whipped out my phone and checked Amazon and eBay, where I found I could purchase it for a fraction of the price: $30. Much better.

I can’t really tell if it’s doing any lifting (only been using it for a few weeks so far), but it feels super nice on my eyes in the morning and before bed. It’s not oily, and it absorbs into my skin fast, so it gets an A+ in my book.

5. No Bleeding Lips lip liner—I don’t know where this product has been all my life. After a long day at work, my cupid’s bow is still sharp as a knife. Do yourself a favor and pick this up from Sephora! It’s waterproof AND transparent!

Petite person perks!
Bonus: These dreamy overalls—Ok, I know this isn’t technically a beauty item. But I found these in the children’s section of Sears, and, well, it’s really hard to find flattering overalls (or overalls in general), and when you can fit into a girls’ size 16… you really have no choice but to buy them.

They have a slim-fit leg and are dark-wash denim. And they were half off, so I got them for $20! These are definitely going to Ireland with me. (Also, if you guys are interested in a post about shopping the children’s section, I can totally make that happen. Just saying.)

What were your favorites this month?


Things I’m Going to Put on My Face (For Science): Lip Chic Lipstick Sealer

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a product that acted as a topcoat for your lipstick—prolonging its color all day and preventing bleeding? Well, there is. It’s called Lip Chic, and it’s kind of amazing.

I ordered this from Amazon to try for August’s Things I’m Going to Put on My Face (For Science) because it couldn’t find it in any gosh dang store. It had really good reviews and seemed a bit like a miracle product, promising all-day lip color free from smudging and transfer after a few measly coats.

And it sort of does, depending on how well you apply it. Which does take a bit of time and a steady hand. And a LOT of experimentation.

It is $12 and comes in a small, clear bottle that looks a bit like nail polish—the brush even looks like a nail polish brush (but it’s surprisingly not bristly feeling on your lips). Inside the box is a sheet of “lip tips” and instructions for applying.

Since the tips suggest lining your lips with Lip Chic prior to full application to prevent bleeding, I opted for dipping a small liner brush in the bottle rather than lining with the not-so-pointy brush attached to the lid. And this worked pretty well–you just have to remember to wash the liner brush off afterward!

I’ve worn Lip Chic twice so far and have been mostly impressed. The first time was over Urban Decay’s Matte Temper (which already stays on pretty well), and then over a Mary Kay cream lipstick in Really Red, which seemed to transfer a bit more.

This doesn’t dry matte—it has more of a satin finish (not to be confused with glossy!). Which was all right with me, though I’d prefer matte. It felt a tad sticky after application, which, according to the Lip Tips, means I either need to apply more or less, or keep my lips apart for longer after application. This stuff is tricky.

Will I wear this for the wedding? Unless I continue to play with it and find an application strategy that works better, probably not. I will likely stick with Meet Matt(e) Hughes.

Was this a waste of money? Not at all. I know I’ll wear this in the future—but for events that require significantly less kissing.

Well, this concludes The Great Lipstick Hunt of 2016. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the unflattering pictures of my face. Stay tuned in early September for an overview of my bridal shower look, and again in late September for a breakdown of my wedding day cosmetics bag!

T-minus 36days, guys!

Until then, stay fab!

—Marge 💋

Am I Too Old for High-Waisted Shorts? (And Other 25-Year-Old Concerns)

With summer in full swing, my mind is occupied with all the outdoor activities I get to partake in: beach hangs at Sauvie Island, drinking iced coffee outside with a book, wearing oversized sun hats, beer fests, long hikes, dog walking, etc. etc.

And every morning this summer as I’ve prepared for the day, my fingers have hovered over the shelves storing summer wardrobe, hesitant to delve into stacks of floral prints and tourist tees and the unavoidable…shorts.

Shorts have been a sore spot for me as long as I can remember. As a tween I exclusively wore Old Navy Bermuda shorts because I wasn’t sure how to dress for warm weather as a budding adolescent, unsure of what looked good on me (Bermudas certainly didn’t) and what size fit me at that awkward in-between stage. And then I got older, and Bermudas were too long and ugly, but everything else was too short or not my style. There was one summer I remember wearing ripped jeans nearly every single day. Why? I don’t know. But it happened, and I was miserable.

Before high-waisted shorts were a full-fledged trend, I was making my own from unflattering high-waisted pants from the thrift store. If felt amazing to make something that looked so horrible on me into something that looked so flattering. It took a while. I broke quite a few sewing machine needles. I made a few pairs a little too short on accident.

And now they’re everywhere, and I’m buying massive amounts of them while stores still stock them, dreading the inevitable day when it won’t be cool anymore to wear shorts up to your boobs anywhere outside of Coachella or Sasquatch.

I’ve been hanging on to the high-waisted shorts trend for as long as I can because they look good on me. I have long legs for a relatively short person, so I think they flatter my figure and accentuate my waist. But I’m 25 now, and at times I feel like I’m getting too old for trends that are popular among college students and recent high school graduates. But it’s a weird trend. Because isn’t the high waist evocative of mommy jeans and fanny packs? Isn’t it kind of an old-person style? Aren’t I getting old(er)? Should I buy a fanny pack? Do I need to stop posting Throwback Thursdays and taking selfies?

I feel like I’m reaching that awkward in-between stage again. I don’t like it. I’m not freaked out about getting old—I could care less about wrinkles and gray hairs and stretch marks. But my mind is constantly turning over what is appropriate for my age. I’m torn between “dress like a goddamn adult” and the mentality of “wear what you want and what you feel comfortable/look good in, and also maybe you could stop taking so many selfies and pictures of your food? That would be cool.” Maybe working in the grocery industry is to blame for this—I saw way too many moms emulating their teenage daughters’ wardrobes, and I vowed to dress for my age as I get older.

And that’s the problem with being a woman when it’s unbearably hot out: you get scorned for short shorts and wearing bathing suits in public — we even do it to other women (see above paragraph). Our options are limited. How am I supposed to avoid sunstroke and get an even tan while wearing long shorts and a t-shirt? How is anyone? Riddle me that.

Sacrificing self-confidence and self-comfort for age appropriateness in public feels like a copout. I shouldn’t feel too old to dress comfortably for 100-degree weather. I should wear cutoffs and a crop top if I feel like it (weather permitting). I should dress like a tacky ‘90s tourist if I want to (and I do, oh I do). I should wear a crochet bikini top and maxi dress if I want! (I don’t really want to, but the option’s there if it should strike my fancy.)

The thing is, styles slowly burn out—only to be replaced by another trend that will endure its own slow burn into the past. Then it will return (Hello, bellbottom jeans I saw at Target last week.), quietly at first, and then with a roar. And if you like it, why not keep wearing it, and enjoy it despite the fluctuation of what’s on-trend? Why isn’t it ok to be like the mom who still proudly wears scrunchies 10 years after the fact? (Hi, Mom!) It should be. I want it to be.

There’s not much left for me to do except strap on my fanny pack and stockpile high-waisted shorts like they’re going out of style, which is inevitable. They will. And I will be the girl with the biggest hoard, struggling to fit into my five-sizes-too-small shorts when they come back into style 20 years from now.

You can bet my future 45-year-old fat ass on it.

Fanny Packin’ It (You Probably Hate What I’m Wearing)

I’d like to give a shoutout to one of the most hated accessories of the ’80s and ’90s but beloved by me: the fanny pack.

Am I in the minority here? Totally. I don’t know anyone in their mid-20s who even remotely thinks the fanny pack was a good invention.

Key point: they’re ugly. It’s like wearing a tumor filled with life’s little necessities around your waist.  It doesn’t, in the least, fit with my spooky pinup babe aesthetic(link)—making me look more like a mom on a field trip—but sometimes we must sacrifice style for functionality..

Functionality, in this case, is for walking my dog. Please don’t draw any parallels here between dog moms and field trip fanny packs. Pet parenthood is a completely different thing, and I don’t pretend to or even want to be a mom. I have enough issues with the terms “dog mom” and “fur baby” as it is (though I love my dog an abnormal amount and admit to referring to myself as a “corgi mom” from time to time).

Glad we got that out of the way—parenthood aside, I’m now going to get to the point: Women’s pants have tiny pockets that can’t accommodate house keys AND dog treats AND poop bags AND a cell phone, etc. And carrying a purse hurts my shoulder after romping through the park after a while.

This functional hip pouch is the solution to all my problems, and I’m embracing it—dare I say digging it? It’s perfect for the beach, or for hiking, or for theme parks, or for music festivals, or for road trips. You can find them in a variety of colors and styles—from plain to patterned to patriotic—perhaps even one repping your favorite sports team.

And if you’re really into the recent resurrection of grunge and all things ’90s, then this is the perfect accessory to complement your glitter jelly shoes.  Admit it: You’re considering one. They’re mot the spawn of Satan like you’ve been brainwashed to believe.

Okay, fine, if you won’t admit it, then I will: I don’t think fanny packs are totally, completely, ALWAYS ugly (otherwise I wouldn’t wear one, right?). I think they can be cute and trendy in sort of an under-the-radar kind of way. Mine is black faux leather with a gold-tone zipper—classy in a sort of yuppie way, and it matches practically everything.

Will it take the place of my regular handbag? Never­—I’m an oversized handbag (read: suitcase for purse) kinda gal. I like a big bag that will make a statement, and that statement is: HERE I AM. AND SO IS ALL MY STUFF.

Spoiler: I’m not great at packing light.

What I’m trying to say is that there is a time and a place for the fanny pack, and that time is now — summer 2016. Laugh all you want, but I’ll be the functionally hip one at the beach, simultaneously walking my dog and eating an ice cream cone while the memories of juggling a heavy purse drift into the clear blue sky.

And also looking like a mom. With all my stuff. Let’s be real.

You probably hate what I’m wearing. But that’s okay, because I kind of hate it too probably hate what you’re wearing, too.

How to De-Pot Your Eyeshadow and Save Space

So now that you know how to create your own Z Palette dupe, you probably need some shadows, etc. to nestle inside, right?

It’s a super simple process, so let’s get down to it.
You’ll need:

  • Palettes to de-pot
  • A flat iron
  • Aluminum foil
  • A small knife or thin blade
  • Probs something to watch on TV
  1. Start with any initial unpackaging of the palette. You want to be able to see the edges of the metal pans, and sometimes they’re covered by a layer of plastic to look nice and neat. Pry that off.img_3424img_3423
  2. Wrap one side of your flatiron in aluminum foil and turn it on.
  3. Set your palette on the aluminum foil for about 30 seconds to warm the glue holding the pan to the plastic. It might smell weird and/or warp a little.img_3427
  4. Carefully slide your blade under the pan and pry it up. If the glue isn’t warm enough, the makeup will shatter. Test the waters first before giving it the ol’ heave-ho. Heating it a little more to be on the safe side never hurt anyone.
  5. Lastly, be careful after prying the pans out—they’re quite hot! Let them cool before arranging to your heart’s content.

I hope you find this useful! And if you end up doing any de-potting, I’d love to hear how it turns out.

Best always,
Marge 💋

Things I’m Going to Put on My Face (For Science): Makeup Revolution’s Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer

Wow, guys, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, right? This summer has zipped right by.

Toward the end of July I tested Makeup Revolution’s Salvation Velvet Lacquer in the color Attract (for wedding science, of course). This was $5 at Ulta, so I figured, why not? My cousin had tweeted me about it quite a few months back, and it looked pretty decent.

I really liked it upon initial application. It’s creamy and not drying—and the color is super vibrant. It dries matte and isn’t sticky feeling.

Been workin’ on that wedding wing.
But after a bit it started flaking. So I touched it up and headed to the store to run some errands. No biggie.

Fast-forward 10 minutes later: I’m sitting in the parking lot, peering at my lipstick in the rearview mirror of my car, wondering why it feels like my lipstick is pilling. You read that right: pilling, not peeling—like what your cardigans do when they start to wear out.

Pardon the horrible lighting & unflattering angle.
I can only conclude that it was the touch-up that caused this. So I wiped it off and proceeded about my day, sans lipstick. Bummer. I really liked the color.

At this point, Meet Matt(e) Huges is still in the lead for wedding day lipstick of choice. I probably won’t get around to trying the rest on my list, since we are now officially two months away from the event, but I suppose anything is possible.

I know for sure I want to try Lip Chic this August, though. It’s technically not a lipstick, but it could broaden my options.

Anyway, until next time!

—Marge 💋