Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, Aug. 2016

Happy first day of September, everyone! Is it just me, or did summer fly by so dang fast? I made a few stops to some thrift stores this last month and found some amazing stuff! Let’s start off with this swoon-worthy denim skirt pictured below. 

Denim Mossimo skirt—I fell in love with this skirt at Target, but it was 19.99, and I didn’t want to fork over that much money when I knew I could find a similar one at a thrift store. Fast-forward 20 minutes later: I’m in Goodwill, pulling the exact same skirt off the rack, priced at 6.99. SCORE.

Vinyl—I paid a total of $30ish for 12 LPs (2.99 each), which was a pretty damn good deal. Most notably: John Denver’s Poems, Prayers, and Promises. I’d been looking EVERYWHERE for it.

I floated on cloud nine the rest of the day after the skirt + vinyl haul. It was too good to be true. (For any of you Vancouver, WA, people, the Fourth Plain Goodwill almost always has excellent stuff.) Most of the thrift stores J. and I have scoured for vinyl never have that great of a selection, so I snatched up what I could.

I made a trip to the humane society’s thrift store (ReTails) as well, scoring some wedding décor:

Webster’s student dictionary—we’re using this for our “guest book.”

Orange candle holder—we will use this to hold the pens for the guest book. 3.99

Hankies—this is my “something blue!” Plus the red one for my mom, which I’d like to embroider something nice on for her, and hopefully I can find one for my mom-in-law too. 2.99 each

This total came out to roughly $11, plus a free reusable tote to carry it all out in (which our cat later discovered on the bed and decided to roll around on).

A few other notable items thrifted throughout the month:

White House Black Market blouse, 7.99—I’m always on the lookout for work clothes, and this blouse is perfect paired with some skinny slacks and flats.

Two more Johnny D. LPs—I don’t think I need to say anything about this. 2.99 each.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my finds throughout August. 

What did you score at the thrift store this last month? 


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