Marge’s Monthly Must-Haves, Oct. 2016

Hello, everyone, and happy Halloween! For once I’m actually on time posting my monthly favorites—it feels so nice getting back into the swing of things. I tried a bunch of great new products this October that I can’t wait to tell you about, so let’s get started!

Shoot for the Stars bath bomb from Lush—Imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon a Lush store in Cork on our honeymoon, and when my husband insisted we go inside, where he bought bath bombs for each of us. (Have I mentioned how much I love him?)

This bath bomb contains gold glitter and six star-shaped bath melts, transforming the water into a swirly, sparkly night sky. Be still, my heart! Unlike the one J. chose for himself, this one did not stain the bathtub or the towels purple (ahahaha).

Nails Before Males manicure kit—our time in Cork got a bit weird with a giant shopping trip at Primark, where I picked this up. I couldn’t not buy it. It’s got six manicure tools inside and is the perfect size for tossing in your purse or your weekend bag.

Violet Voss Holy Grail palette—Yes, this is the swoon-worthy palette I mentioned coveting in this post. How did I manage to find a sold-out product? I have mad eBay skills, my friend. 😉 I’m completely head over heels for this palette—look out for a review soon!

Graveyard bath bomb from Witch Baby Soap—Surprise, another bath bomb I’ve already used! It’s no secret I love spooky things and taking baths. Combine them, and you’ve got a product I can’t say no to.

This coffin-shaped bath bomb is a real treat—it smells like “carefully arranged funeral flowers and freshly dug graves” and is packed with shea butter and avocado oil for super soft skin. And it is SO fragrant, guys. I smelled like lilies for a long time. You can read more about this bath bomb here.

Benefit’s Gimmie Brow volumizing eyebrow gel—I redeemed some of my Ipsy points for this sample and now will never go back to the NYX brow mascara(link) I was previously using. The Benefit gel has a better spoolie, richer color, and better staying power. My brows are on point 100% of the time now. Thanks, Benefit!

The October Ipsy bag—I mean, LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS. It is by far my favorite bag to date! I was seriously considering canceling my subscription after this month, but now I think I’ll see what November brings. You can read my unboxing and review of the October Glam Bag here.

What were your favorite products this month? Let me know in the comments—I’d love to hear!


Graveyard Bath Bomb Review (Witch Baby Soap)

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s no secret I’m a junkie for luxurious baths and spooky things. Combine them, and you have a product I can’t say no to.

Witch Baby Soap is my new kryptonite—they’ve managed to merge my every-day-is-Halloween aesthetic and my passion for fragrant, colorful baths. I ordered the Graveyard bath bomb from Witch Baby and am kicking myself for not adding more to my order. Yes, it was that fantastic. And what better day to review this creepy bath bomb on than Halloween?


Though massive, this coffin-shaped bomb looks pretty unassuming—it’s gray, with a small layer of pink underneath, and the company’s name stamped along the top. From the minute I opened the box, I knew I was in for a treat; the bath bomb’s floral scent permeated the room, lingering long after I’d taken the bomb to a different room.

So, what’s it smell like? The page on Witch Baby’s website describes it at as “carefully arranged funeral flowers and freshly dug graves.” While it didn’t smell particularly earthy to me, it definitely smelled like funeral flowers—massive amounts of lilies, to be specific.

The Graveyard bomb is also packed with shea butter and avocado oil for super soft skin. After getting out of the bath, my skin felt rejuvenated and silky. It’s a good feeling when you don’t need to slather yourself in lotion after exiting the bath.

JUST TAKE MY MONEY, OK? 💸 #witchbabysoap

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In my opinion, this is almost better than a Lush bath bomb. It was so much more fragrant, it fizzed longer, and the colors were more vibrant. Plus, the packaging was adorable, and a free sample of pumpkin-shaped Dragon’s Blood soap was included in a cute little drawstring bag.

Now for some gratuitous bath pictures:

You know that scene in The Cat in the Hat Comes Back where the cake makes a pink ring in the bathtub? That’s what mine looks like right now, but I ain’t mad; it’ll come out—just in time for me to order more!

15/10 would buy again.

Make sure you check out Witch Baby’s website for many other year-round spooky bath goodies!

Ipsy Glam Bag Unboxing & Review Oct. 2016

Happy 30 days of Halloween, everyone! I thought I’d take a break from my horror movie binging and candy corn guzzling to give you the what’s what regarding my October Glam Bag.

If you couldn’t already tell, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and this month’s Glam Bag feeds my spooky little soul. It’s so cute it hurts. It is hands-down my favorite Ipsy bag ever because:

  1. It’s pink, my favorite color.
  2. It’s covered in lipsticks, Ouija boards, ghosties, crystal balls…sigh. It’s perfect.

So, you’re probably wondering about the samples. Ahem. In October I received:

Ciate Fierce Flicks liquid eyeliner—I was so dubious of this. Liquid eyeliner from a brand I’d barely heard of? But I’m SO glad I received it; this eyeliner is amazing, making winged liner a cinch.

It applies easily, the felt tip is soft, and it stays put all damn day. No bleeding, no flaking, and no fading, all of which are usually problems for me because my eyes water so much. I will definitely be buying more of this when it runs out!

Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind eye shadow duo—This duo applies smoothly and is quite pigmented, but the shades were pretty “meh” for my taste (and I guarantee I have similar shades in my Naked Smokey palette already).

If you travel a lot, this is a nice little set that takes up hardly any space and is perfect for throwing in your carry-on bag or weekend bag. If you don’t travel a lot, then this might just clutter your makeup drawer.

The Balm’s Hot Mama blush—I should have known by The Balm’s reputation how great this blush was going to be, and I’m not one bit disappointed! It applies on my skin as a gorgeous peachy pick with a subtle shimmer. And such a little sample goes a long way! 100% not disappointed!

Pure Brazilian leave-in miracle hair treatment—While I don’t think this tops the leave-in treatment I got back in September, I does untangle my nest of hair, and it smells quite nice. Plus, the pump makes it easy to apply right to your hair without getting it all over your hands.

Trestique matte lip crayon in Florence Fig—Ipsy FINALLY sent me a lip color that is not paler than my natural lips or is an ungodly pink shade. Though this doesn’t fall into the bright red spectrum (my signature color), it is nonetheless a beautiful matte fig color perfect for fall—and long lasting, too!

What did you get in your Ipsy this month?

Marge’s Wedding Recap

Hello there, friends!

I just wanted to give you an apology for my absence as of late and my spotty blog posts—I fully intended on scheduling a bunch of blog posts for my wedding/honeymoon absence, but I got sick the week leading up to the wedding, and the morning of the Big Event it fully manifested itself as the flu. Self-care was a bit more important. (Sorry, guys.)

Anyway, I’m back and feeling much better! Our wedding was perfect and everything I hoped it would be (minus chugging PediaLyte from the bottle all day and puking my guts out every half hour the night before. TMI? Sorry.)

Ahem. You’re probably wondering about some wedding details that aren’t gross and sad.

Our venue was a beautiful old schoolhouse surrounded by wheat fields, about half an hour away from where I attended high school. We decided on a fall theme (duh, because I’m Marge, Autumn Queen) and tried to incorporate wordsy things as much as possible because J. and I both have English degrees. (He’s an English teacher, and I’m an editor.)

Our ceremony was outside, surrounded by lush maple trees and plenty of pumpkins. I bawled like a baby walking down the isle, even though I carefully picked the music so that I WOULD’NT cry and kept telling myself I wasn’t going to. We had our good friend officiate the ceremony because we wanted someone we knew well and felt comfortable around.

Our flowers came from my cousin Jordyn at Floral Mountains—I carried a gorgeous bouquet of dahlias and oak leaves down the aisle, and our centerpieces were pumpkins filled with flowers. Didn’t she do an amazing job?! Go check out her website ASAP!

Our reception was held inside the schoolhouse in the old gymnasium—it still has the original floor, and one of the original basketball hoops is still up. We cut a lot of costs by making a lot of our own decorations and thrifting what we couldn’t make. The venue also provided a ton of extra stuff for us, like cute chalkboards we could write quotes on.

Our guest book was an old dictionary in which we asked guests to choose words they thought best described us or were best suited for the day (another cost we cut). Everyone had a lot of fun picking out words, and J. and I were so excited to sit down and look at them all!

We served a buffet of chili with all the fixings, cornbread, and a hot cocoa station. A former co-worker of J., who used to bake cakes professionally before going into the education field, offered to make our cake as our wedding gift. It looked like a birch tree and had three different flavors: pink champagne, key lime, and chocolate peanut butter. And I made our cake topper—I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!

I wore a tea-length lace dress with a sweetheart neckline and corset lacing in the back (purchased on eBay for only $80!). I accessorized it with a birdcage veil featuring red flowers, my grandmother’s wedding pearls and earrings from the ’60s, red-toed shoes from Modcloth, red lipstick, and a faux-fur white stole with a brooch to match my necklace.

Our first dance was to Annie’s Song by John Denver—a personal favorite of mine, and which I later learned my parents had also played at their wedding. Cue all the emotional tears.

Our send-off as newlyweds was though a tunnel of our loved ones waving a shower of sparklers in the crisp fall night air. It was perfect.

And now for the picture you’ve all been waiting for: our rings

Hope you enjoyed our wedding recap! Cheers!


Marge’s Monthly Must-Haves, Sept. 2016

Hello, everyone! My apologies for such a late September favorites post; I’m still playing catch-up from the wedding.

OGX coconut oil hydrating hair mist—I got this to tame and smooth my frizzy hair, hoping for the best because I haven’t had much luck with hair oils in the past. But this! This will keep my hair straightened and sleek all day, and it makes it look so much healthier. And it smells incredible.

Lush products gifted to me at my bridal shower—My dear bridesmaid Lisa spoiled me with a plethora of Lush products for my bridal shower, namely Mask of Magnaminty, Charity Pot hand lotion, Vanillary perfume, and two bath bombs.

This was by no means my introduction to Lush; rather, she fed my addiction because I hadn’t tried any of these products. I mean, I frequently buy their bath bombs, but she got me some I’d never tried before.

However, the Mask of Magnaminty is definitely my favorite out of everything. It smells so fresh, feels good on my skin, and seems to calm my acne. An A++ in my book.

Little Lush bundle!
Gelous nail gel & Gelous ridge filler—Purchased these weekend before our wedding on a whim after reading a Pinterest tutorial, hoping to achieve gel-like nails for the big day because I didn’t want to absolutely destroy my nails with a real gel manicure.

The tutorial claimed it’s like the real thing and will last a whole week, and all I can say about my own results is wow. I will never not use this when I paint my nails. Not only did my polish last the whole week with very minimal chipping, but it achieved that “plumping” effect that many gel-like polishes claim to possess but typically don’t.

Seche Vite fast-dry top coat—This was also suggested in the tutorial. It smells horrible, but your nails will be dry in like two seconds. For someone as restless as me who always fucks up their polish when it’s wet, this is a miracle product. I’m never going without this top coat ever again!

The Balm’s timeBalm® foundation—My new favorite lazy-day foundation. I apply this with a beauty blender and it looks great. It has excellent coverage and stays in place all day.

What were your favorite products in September?

Dollar Tree Beauty Haul

Dollar Tree is a treasure trove of undiscovered beauty essentials (I could probably do a whole post on what to buy and what not to buy, honestly), and I thought I’d share a few beauty items I picked up recently that you guys might be interested in reading about.

First up is a beauty blender! They have these in a variety of colors and are surprisingly soft. I was a little nervous it would be rough on my face, but it’s not. If you’re interested in trying a beauty blender but don’t want to spend $10+ to see if it works for you, then head over to Dollar Tree, my friend.

Next are some LA Colors matte lipsticks. They had this impressive endcap set up when I was there, with all sorts of LA Colors products. I picked out these matte lipsticks (ok, one says lip gloss, but how can a gloss be matte?). The “gloss” is more burgundy and the lipstick is a bright red.

The red lipstick, unfortunately, looked cheap when I applied it, and it looked semi-translucent when applied. Not a good look. I’d advise staying away from these. The “gloss” was ridiculously difficult to get off. It felt super sticky on my lips, but didn’t transfer a whole lot when I touched them with my fingertips. They were both difficult to apply, as you can probably see in the pictures below. They’re both patchy and uneven, and I couldn’t get my lower lip defined right. 

Cheapo matte red lippie

Sticky, patchy matte lippie

And the last thing I picked up is an eyebrow stencil (also from the LA Colors endcap) that has three different styles to choose from. These, surprisingly, work pretty dang well. I cut out the little piece of plastic in the middle so it was a little more user friendly. I used it in the picture above, but it’s not a great view, so I’m sorry! I will say I did like it enough to use for my wedding, though. 

And that’s all for now—thanks for reading! 

Five Eye Shadow Palettes I’m Coveting This Fall

Ah, fall—the best season of the year. (Ok, maybe the self-proclaimed Autumn Queen is a little biased.) Time to break out all the cozy clothes and start layering until you can’t layer anymore. And with a change in attire comes a change in beauty; it’s time for warm eyeshadows that mimic the changing of the leaves, and for bolder lip colors by day AND night.

But let’s focus on the eye shadow for now, because I’m a self-diagnosed palette hoarder. Here are the top five eye shadow palettes I’m coveting this fall:

1. Violet Voss Holy Grail palette—Let’s start off with the palette I’m coveting the most: the Holy Grail. This palette is essentially autumn in makeup form. It features 20 different shadows, ranging from cranberry reds to chocolate browns to brilliant golds. SWOON. Unfortunately, this palette is sold out until November.

2. Too Faced Sweet Peach palette—Don’t be fooled by this summery looking palette; its versatile peachy shades are perfect for adding a subtle autumn glow to your look. And it supposedly smells like peaches, but I can’t testify to that because this palette is also sold out until December.

3. Essence All About Sunrise palette—This palette isn’t made anymore, sadly, but that won’t stop me from scouring the Internet for it! I’m smitten with this little palette because of its light orange and yellow shades that are so versatile for both fall and spring—maybe even summer, too! It’s the perfect palette for when you feel like emulating a crisp, bright autumn day.

4. Melt Cosmetics Rust palette—Can you tell I love me some orange shades? I’m head over heels for this collection of stackable shadows because of its gorgeous lineup of matte oranges and reds. As opposed to the Essence All About Sunrise palette, this collection is perfect for when you feel like emulating a brooding, gloomy fall day. 
5. Concrete Minerals Black Magic collection—Ok, so like the Melt collection, this one isn’t technically a palette. BUT how could you resist these spooky purple and blue shades? It’s like looking at a Halloween sunset or into a crystal ball.

Which cosmetics are you coveting this fall?

Ipsy Unboxing & Review Aug. & Sept. 2016

Hey, everyone! It’s been lurking in the back of my head that I’ve neglected to post Ipsy unboxings and reviews for the past month. Whoops! We were crazy busy getting everything ready for the wedding that it unfortunately became a lesser priority. Now that all the craziness is over, I finally have some time to sit down and take a deep breath, so let’s delve into this!


This was a pretty good month, but I wasn’t crazy about the bag. It will likely go in a bundle of Ipsy bags on my Poshmark account.

It Haircare 12-in-1 leave-in hair repair treatment—LOVE. It does wonders for my tangled mess of hair, and it smells so good. I even took it on our honeymoon—that’s how much I love it! I’d compare it to the It’s a 10 brand.

Face masks—ok, I’ll be honest: I haven’t used these yet. I’ve been holding off because I want to use them with my sister  for some much-needed girl time. But how can you go wrong with a face mask?

Ciate nail polish in the color Spinning Teacups—this nail polish has a fat little brush, which I love because it’s easier to handle and I’m less likely to make a mess. The color is pretty, and it stayed on my nails for quite a while.

Rodial eyeliner—I’ve been using this every day. So hooked. It glides on so smoothly.

NYX liquid highlighter—this was one giant NOPE for me. It’s a mess as soon as you take the cap off, and it left my face splotchy and streaky no matter how much I blended.


I didn’t think I’d like this bag, but then it arrived and it’s so chic! I love it!

Tarte mascara—I thought I had a flawed mascara because the cap snaps off instead of twisting, which is pretty messy. Turns out it’s not a flaw. I can overlook it, though, because the formula is great—it doesn’t flake, doesn’t clump, and the brush separates my lashes well.

Pixie lipstick—not too crazy about this. It was practically the same color as my natural lips when I applied it.

Bella pierre loose powder blush in Autumn Glow—I didn’t think I’d like this as much as I do. Ok, and the name certainly helps. I’m a sucker for anything fall related. It’s this beautiful bronze that’s pretty by itself or layered on top of another blush—and works for contouring too!

Epice toner—I’ve only used this a few times, and it’s alright. Nothing too great or too horrible.

Befine brown sugar exfoliating cleanser—I was dubious of this because I get so many exfoliators, and they all seem the same. But I really loved this one—it smells amazing and felt so scrubby on my skin!

What did you get in your ipsy Glam Bag last month?

Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, Sept. 2016

Hey everyone, it’s that time of the month again! (Not that time, sheesh.) I only made it to the thrift store once in September because of all the wedding stuff I had to do. And I didn’t get a super amazing haul—I only got two things.

I know, I’m as surprised as you are. But I am really excited about what I got!

I didn’t really need any more clothes, but I couldn’t resist a few new things for our honeymoon (even though I keep telling myself my wardrobe is fine because Ireland weather is essentially Portland weather & I have everything I need).

After meandering throughout the store for nearly an hour, I decided on this cute plaid dress (Jordan calls it my PB&J dress) and this fluffy sweater—the pearl buttons sold me!

The dress I will wear with leggings and rain boots, most likely, and probably a scarf. The sweater will be nice with dark jeans, sneakers, and some red lipstick (obviously).

What did you thrift last month?