Five Eye Shadow Palettes I’m Coveting This Fall

Ah, fall—the best season of the year. (Ok, maybe the self-proclaimed Autumn Queen is a little biased.) Time to break out all the cozy clothes and start layering until you can’t layer anymore. And with a change in attire comes a change in beauty; it’s time for warm eyeshadows that mimic the changing of the leaves, and for bolder lip colors by day AND night.

But let’s focus on the eye shadow for now, because I’m a self-diagnosed palette hoarder. Here are the top five eye shadow palettes I’m coveting this fall:

1. Violet Voss Holy Grail palette—Let’s start off with the palette I’m coveting the most: the Holy Grail. This palette is essentially autumn in makeup form. It features 20 different shadows, ranging from cranberry reds to chocolate browns to brilliant golds. SWOON. Unfortunately, this palette is sold out until November.

2. Too Faced Sweet Peach palette—Don’t be fooled by this summery looking palette; its versatile peachy shades are perfect for adding a subtle autumn glow to your look. And it supposedly smells like peaches, but I can’t testify to that because this palette is also sold out until December.

3. Essence All About Sunrise palette—This palette isn’t made anymore, sadly, but that won’t stop me from scouring the Internet for it! I’m smitten with this little palette because of its light orange and yellow shades that are so versatile for both fall and spring—maybe even summer, too! It’s the perfect palette for when you feel like emulating a crisp, bright autumn day.

4. Melt Cosmetics Rust palette—Can you tell I love me some orange shades? I’m head over heels for this collection of stackable shadows because of its gorgeous lineup of matte oranges and reds. As opposed to the Essence All About Sunrise palette, this collection is perfect for when you feel like emulating a brooding, gloomy fall day. 
5. Concrete Minerals Black Magic collection—Ok, so like the Melt collection, this one isn’t technically a palette. BUT how could you resist these spooky purple and blue shades? It’s like looking at a Halloween sunset or into a crystal ball.

Which cosmetics are you coveting this fall?


One thought on “Five Eye Shadow Palettes I’m Coveting This Fall

  1. Bella October 14, 2016 / 11:11 am

    I’m definitely getting that Peach palette when they restock soon! Xx


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