Graveyard Bath Bomb Review (Witch Baby Soap)

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s no secret I’m a junkie for luxurious baths and spooky things. Combine them, and you have a product I can’t say no to.

Witch Baby Soap is my new kryptonite—they’ve managed to merge my every-day-is-Halloween aesthetic and my passion for fragrant, colorful baths. I ordered the Graveyard bath bomb from Witch Baby and am kicking myself for not adding more to my order. Yes, it was that fantastic. And what better day to review this creepy bath bomb on than Halloween?


Though massive, this coffin-shaped bomb looks pretty unassuming—it’s gray, with a small layer of pink underneath, and the company’s name stamped along the top. From the minute I opened the box, I knew I was in for a treat; the bath bomb’s floral scent permeated the room, lingering long after I’d taken the bomb to a different room.

So, what’s it smell like? The page on Witch Baby’s website describes it at as “carefully arranged funeral flowers and freshly dug graves.” While it didn’t smell particularly earthy to me, it definitely smelled like funeral flowers—massive amounts of lilies, to be specific.

The Graveyard bomb is also packed with shea butter and avocado oil for super soft skin. After getting out of the bath, my skin felt rejuvenated and silky. It’s a good feeling when you don’t need to slather yourself in lotion after exiting the bath.

JUST TAKE MY MONEY, OK? 💸 #witchbabysoap

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In my opinion, this is almost better than a Lush bath bomb. It was so much more fragrant, it fizzed longer, and the colors were more vibrant. Plus, the packaging was adorable, and a free sample of pumpkin-shaped Dragon’s Blood soap was included in a cute little drawstring bag.

Now for some gratuitous bath pictures:

You know that scene in The Cat in the Hat Comes Back where the cake makes a pink ring in the bathtub? That’s what mine looks like right now, but I ain’t mad; it’ll come out—just in time for me to order more!

15/10 would buy again.

Make sure you check out Witch Baby’s website for many other year-round spooky bath goodies!


5 thoughts on “Graveyard Bath Bomb Review (Witch Baby Soap)

  1. Wildfire October 31, 2016 / 10:33 am

    So so cool! 😃 Another great post, hon!


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