Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, Nov. 2016

Hey, everyone!

My beloved Value Village closed permanently last month—I’m a tad heartbroken, but I’ll probably also save more money, so, is it really that horrible?

But before closing the store forever, it went out with a 50% off, everything-must-go sale, which I giddily took advantage of. Most everything was picked over already, but I did snag a few gems!

Namely, this Christmas sweater! Originally $12.99 but I got it for half off—and the faux fur collar is detachable! Talk about a hell of a deal!

I also got Jordan the giant blue sweater, and two other sweaters for myself. Plus a massive book haul. I’m going to miss the book selection this store always had. *soft crying*

We also stopped by Goodwill in my hometown when visiting my parents. Jordan got me this lovely knit red beanie, and himself a brand-new vinyl record display frame (not pictured).

After we got back from Thanksgiving with his family, I decided it was officially time to set up our first Christmas tree together! But my little pink three-foot tree was not going to cut it this year…. so we went to Goodwill, obviously.

We scored a practically brand new six-foot tree for $20, a NWT tree skirt (originally $24 at Marshalls, but we got it for $9) and a nice assortment of ball ornaments.

Before the cat attacked the tree. Smh.


And you know what they say about one door closing and another door opening? Value Village’s permanent closure opened the door for This-N-That, a new thrift store that opened days after VV closed—and it’s even closer to our apartment than VV was! I stopped by to scope it out and left with this zazzy pair of cropped H&M pants for 3.99.

What did you score at the thrift store this month?


2 thoughts on “Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, Nov. 2016

  1. Courtney Stewart December 8, 2016 / 9:50 am

    Looks like a pretty successful thrift shop adventure! Love the sweaters and H&M jeans. I’m jealous lol. Last time I went to my local thrift shop was about two months ago, I left with two shirts and a cute bag for only 6 dollars and change altogether. When I wanted to wear the bag out about a week after I bought it, I realized that the zipper to the bag broke off (and the bag was zipped shut!) hence the reason it was only 2 dollars. You couldn’t even get the bag open, all you could do was look at it really. It was pretty disappointing lol, but the shirts made the trip worth it!


    • Margo December 9, 2016 / 10:57 pm

      Oh no, I’m sorry about the purse! I bet if you dug around YouTube or Pinterest you might find a trick for replacing the zipper. But at least you found some shirts you liked! 😊

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