How to Get the Most Out of Your Eye Shadow Primer

In an earlier  Frugal Friday we covered getting the most out of your gel foundation primer. This time I’d like to talk about eye primer, like the kind that comes in a little squeezy tube.

I’m quite fond of the one by Urban Decay—it keeps my shadow on all day and really brings out the color of the shadow I apply. And even though this primer lasts forever, it’s still kind of pricey (roughly $20 per tube)—I’ll make sure I get every bit that I paid for, thanks.

So when the tube is smashed flat, I know it’s not totally empty. You just have to get creative.

Much like some people do with toothpaste (not I, because toothpaste generally costs $2 as opposed to $20), simply snip the tube where it can’t be squeezed flat anymore.

Open that bad boy up, and you should see a treasure trove of goo just waiting to be smeared.

Now, there are a few options for how to store your newfound glory. If you have a teeny makeup spatula, you can scrape the excess primer out and store it in a little sample jar.

Or you can go the less time-consuming route—reconnect the two tube halves by sliding one over the end of the other (kind of like what you’d do with a tube of lotion).

And there you have it! Hope this helps!



How to Get the Most Out of Your Lotion

We’ve all been there: That tube of lotion has gone kaput, but it doesn’t feel totally empty. There’s still some product inside, but you can’t get it out. What’s a frugal girl to do?

First of all, don’t throw that tube in the trash! Grab a pair of scissors and a little elbow grease, and read on.


Got your scissors? Good. Take your fancy tube of lotion and cut it into two pieces—about two inches above the cap. Pry that bad boy open.



Look at all that gold in there! From here you have two options: You can either use a little makeup spatula and scoop it out, storing it in a small container, or you can do what I do.


Simply slide the top half over the bottom half, making a mini tube of lotion! When you want to use it, just slide the top off and scoop your lotion out. Easy peasy!

Hope you enjoy this little little trick!

Until next time,

—Marge 💋

How to Get the Most Out of Your Bubble Bath

Welcome to the first installment of Frugal Fridays, in which I show you how to prolong the life of and get the most out of your beauty products.

First up, let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart: bubble bath.

It’s no secret that I enjoy a hot soak from time to time  on a regular basis nightly. The shower in my master bath goes virtually unused because I take so many baths. I like to settle in with a good book and a beer for maximum me-time, surrounding myself with lots of candles. It looks like some weird sacrificial bathroom alter during the day.

But I digress. I think a bath with massive amounts of bubbles is the perfect way to relax and take care of yourself. Maybe you like to drink wine and watch Netflix instead of reading. That’s cool too. But we all must face the inevitable at some point: when the bottle of bubble bath is empty. 

Now, we all know that’s not quite true. There’s still a little clinging to the walls of the bottle, and even though you’ve turned it upside down overnight to get the last of it, there’s still a decent amount inside that simply will not squeeze out.

Maybe it was an expensive product, or maybe you just really enjoyed the scent. Either way, it feels frustrating and wasteful to throw it out when there is clearly a little product left.

Oh, if only there were a solution to our bathtime woes!

Well, I’m here to tell you there is.

All you have to do is take off the cap, fill the bottle about half full with warm water, and put the cap back on. Shake that bottle around a bit, and then pour it into your bathtub under running water. Easy peasy and oh-so rewarding.

Depending on the brand, you can get a least two to three more bubble baths with this trick (Dr. Teals will do this because of how thick it is). But if it’s a more watered down bubble bath on the cheaper end (like the I Love… brand), then you’ll most likely only get one more bath out of the bottle.

Now go treat yourself to a long soak, and don’t forget to recycle that bottle when you’re done!

P.S. if you’re wondering what that plastic bubble thing on my overflow drain is, it’s called a Bottomless Bath. Do yourself a favor and get one asap. It’s a life changer.

Until next time, stay fabulous! 

—Marge 💋 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Primer

Where would we be without primer? Probably somewhere about here:


So it’s understandable why you’re distraught when the pump on your expensive primer sputters its last breath with no warning. I’ve been there.

Like many other beauty products, the inability to squeeze more out of the bottle hardly means the bottle is completely empty.  You just have to get a little inventive.

Take my gel primer from Bare Minerals, for example. I can’t squirt any more product out—but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any left. 

Unscrewing the pump from the bottle yields a significant amount clinging to the pump and plastic bottle’s walls. And when a little primer goes a long way, this trick should keep your face primed for about a week before you’re able to make it to the store to buy another bottle.

I suppose if you really wanted to stretch the life of your primer, you could even cut the top of the container off in order to thoroughly scrape the bottle. I haven’t been this desperate tried this, but let me know if any of you have and how it’s worked out for you! My method has currently lasted four weeks.

Frugal on, my friend!