A Few Life Updates & Small Haul

Hello, all!

Long time no see (again). I’m sorry I’ve been so absent as of late — as I mentioned a few (many) months ago, we’ve been saving for buying a home, and I’m so excited to announce that mission has been accomplished, and we have been proud first-time homeowners for nearly three months!

Long story short, there hasn’t been much thrifting as of late. I’ve made a few small trips, but most of my effort these past few months has been concentrated on house, house, and more house, and clearing out my closet (check out my Poshmark closet for some deals on my gently loved clothing and accessories). It’s all been a bit exhausting, but I’ve loved every second of it.

I did make it to Goodwill and Salvation Army once before we moved, though, which was a nice bit of a break from everything. There’s something so calming about wandering down isles of knickknacks and racks of clothing and pondering the history behind each item. (Or is that just me? It is? Ok.)

On my trip to Goodwill, I found an assortment of cozy springtime things: two infinity scarves, a pair of green leather heels, and a crochet shawl wrap. I also found a book for my mom for Mother’s Day (Wow, that was a while ago, huh?), and a pretty tin jar I’m using to store my seeds — because we have acreage now, and I can have a garden! Wheee!

At Salvation Army, I found this pretty blue maxi skirt with tulips on it and this basket I intend to use for carrying things while puttering around the garden. I did make another stop in at SA a few weeks later (because I apparently can’t go to the Post Office without a pit stop at the thrift store afterward), and I scored this beautiful vintage floral maxi dress for only 81 cents! Aren’t those pearlescent buttons dreamy?

Oh, and I did make it to the humane society thrift store as well, which yielded my best find of the month: actual L.L. Bean boots in my size for $5.99! What a steal!

So there probably won’t be too many thrift hauls in the near future due to being pretty strapped for cash. But I’d assume there will be a few, at least!

If you’re interested in seeing some snapshots of our new life on 3 acres, you can follow me on Instagram @ unwritablegirl.

Hope you all are well and staying cool this summer!



Long time no see, eh?

Hi, all! Long time no see, eh?

I kinda fell off the face of the earth, didn’t I? Things have been busy in my neck of the woods—holidays, plans with friends, politics, extensive dental work, etc. all unfortunately temporarily pulled me away from the blogosphere and the internet in general, but I’m back now! (Until I get burned out again, of course. But I’m hoping to pace myself a bit better so that doesn’t happen.)

Also, beauty blogging is hard when you’re trying to set a budget and save for a home. Constantly reading product reviews makes me feel like I need to buy said products and post my own reviews, which is not healthy. So I stopped for a bit.

I’ve focused my time lately on reselling though Poshmark and trying to simplify my closet, which you can read about here. And if you’re interested, I’d be happy to write out some tips for reselling. Are you guys interested?

I also still have a bunch of drafts saved—my final Ipsy review from December, some monthly faves, a December thrift haul, and a breakdown of the current Sephora and Ulta birthday gifts, if you’re interested in reading those as well. Wow that’s a lot. Sorry for slacking off, guys. Let me know if I should post those, ok?

And I’m thinking sometime soon I’ll post my ultimate guide to thrifting like a pro. Keep your eyes peeled, friends! It will be full of all sorts of tips and tricks for scoring the best deals and coolest finds.

Thanks for reading!

—Marge 💋



How to Get the Most Out of Your Eye Shadow Primer

In an earlier  Frugal Friday we covered getting the most out of your gel foundation primer. This time I’d like to talk about eye primer, like the kind that comes in a little squeezy tube.

I’m quite fond of the one by Urban Decay—it keeps my shadow on all day and really brings out the color of the shadow I apply. And even though this primer lasts forever, it’s still kind of pricey (roughly $20 per tube)—I’ll make sure I get every bit that I paid for, thanks.

So when the tube is smashed flat, I know it’s not totally empty. You just have to get creative.

Much like some people do with toothpaste (not I, because toothpaste generally costs $2 as opposed to $20), simply snip the tube where it can’t be squeezed flat anymore.

Open that bad boy up, and you should see a treasure trove of goo just waiting to be smeared.

Now, there are a few options for how to store your newfound glory. If you have a teeny makeup spatula, you can scrape the excess primer out and store it in a little sample jar.

Or you can go the less time-consuming route—reconnect the two tube halves by sliding one over the end of the other (kind of like what you’d do with a tube of lotion).

And there you have it! Hope this helps!


How to Get the Most Out of Your Lotion

We’ve all been there: That tube of lotion has gone kaput, but it doesn’t feel totally empty. There’s still some product inside, but you can’t get it out. What’s a frugal girl to do?

First of all, don’t throw that tube in the trash! Grab a pair of scissors and a little elbow grease, and read on.


Got your scissors? Good. Take your fancy tube of lotion and cut it into two pieces—about two inches above the cap. Pry that bad boy open.



Look at all that gold in there! From here you have two options: You can either use a little makeup spatula and scoop it out, storing it in a small container, or you can do what I do.


Simply slide the top half over the bottom half, making a mini tube of lotion! When you want to use it, just slide the top off and scoop your lotion out. Easy peasy!

Hope you enjoy this little little trick!

Until next time,

—Marge 💋

Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, Nov. 2016

Hey, everyone!

My beloved Value Village closed permanently last month—I’m a tad heartbroken, but I’ll probably also save more money, so, is it really that horrible?

But before closing the store forever, it went out with a 50% off, everything-must-go sale, which I giddily took advantage of. Most everything was picked over already, but I did snag a few gems!

Namely, this Christmas sweater! Originally $12.99 but I got it for half off—and the faux fur collar is detachable! Talk about a hell of a deal!

I also got Jordan the giant blue sweater, and two other sweaters for myself. Plus a massive book haul. I’m going to miss the book selection this store always had. *soft crying*

We also stopped by Goodwill in my hometown when visiting my parents. Jordan got me this lovely knit red beanie, and himself a brand-new vinyl record display frame (not pictured).

After we got back from Thanksgiving with his family, I decided it was officially time to set up our first Christmas tree together! But my little pink three-foot tree was not going to cut it this year…. so we went to Goodwill, obviously.

We scored a practically brand new six-foot tree for $20, a NWT tree skirt (originally $24 at Marshalls, but we got it for $9) and a nice assortment of ball ornaments.

Before the cat attacked the tree. Smh.


And you know what they say about one door closing and another door opening? Value Village’s permanent closure opened the door for This-N-That, a new thrift store that opened days after VV closed—and it’s even closer to our apartment than VV was! I stopped by to scope it out and left with this zazzy pair of cropped H&M pants for 3.99.

What did you score at the thrift store this month?

VIB 20% Off Sale Haul

Hey there, friends!

I have a story to tell you. I got my 20% off VIB coupon in the mail last week and I was SO dang excited to use it—I’d just run out of all my favorite products, so it was perfect timing.

I waited all week until it was valid, dragging my husband to Sephora with me over the weekend so I could stock up. I  racked up $100 in beauty products and FORGOT TO USE MY COUPON. I about had a Niles Crane hyperventilation moment outside the store when I realized what had happened. It could have saved $20!

But I had a valid reason for forgetting.

There was a young girl at the register beside us, and she was $5 short on her birthday money to buy the makeup she wanted. We’ve all been in that boat, I’m sure, when we were younger. My husband, out of the blue, gave her the $5 she needed, and I was just so dang proud to be this guy’s wife that I totally forgot about the coupon.

What a great guy, right?

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what I possibly could have bought that cost that much.

Too Faced Waterproof Better Than Sex Mascara—I wear this every damn day, and I even wore it on my wedding day!

Make Up For Ever Matte Setting Powder—This was a substitute for one of my everyday essentials. I normally use the Bare Minerals translucent setting powder, but the store was all out, so I got this instead.

Urban Decay Vintage lipstick in the shade Oil Slick—My college roommate had this color, and before I could snag one it was discontinued. However, to my surprise, Urban Decay brought back some of its “vintage” colors, and this is one!

It may look black, but it applies as a sheer gray with a little sparkle. It makes any plain lipstick a little gothier when layered on top. Perfect.

Bare Minerals Prime Time Original Primer—I use this every single day. Can’t go wrong with this! It works miracles under any foundation of your choice, though I prefer the Bare Minerals liquid foundation.

I didn’t use any of my rewards points because it seems like they never have new rewards in the JCP Sephora. BUT I did place another order on Sephora’s website for a Bite lipstick they didn’t carry in the store, and I used some of my points through their Rewards Bazaar (review and unboxing coming soon!).

The lipstick I chose is a black-blue shade called Squid Ink. This particular shade was appealing to me because I have cool undertones, so the tinges of  blue complement my skin tone well.

I haven’t mustered the courage to wear this in public yet, but when I do, I’ll be channeling this magical Hufflepuff tutorial from my good friend Hannah.

I also snagged this Breakups to Makeups bag, because how could the self-proclaimed lipstick addict not? Too cute and too accurate. (Also too huge—I totally didn’t realize it would be this big.)

For samples (because Sephora orders aren’t complete without samples!) I chose a Versace Bright Crystal perfume, a Make Up For Ever foundation, and a RMS Beauty makeup wipe.

Did any of you take advantage of the 20% off coupon? I’d love to hear what you snagged!

Marge’s Wedding Recap

Hello there, friends!

I just wanted to give you an apology for my absence as of late and my spotty blog posts—I fully intended on scheduling a bunch of blog posts for my wedding/honeymoon absence, but I got sick the week leading up to the wedding, and the morning of the Big Event it fully manifested itself as the flu. Self-care was a bit more important. (Sorry, guys.)

Anyway, I’m back and feeling much better! Our wedding was perfect and everything I hoped it would be (minus chugging PediaLyte from the bottle all day and puking my guts out every half hour the night before. TMI? Sorry.)

Ahem. You’re probably wondering about some wedding details that aren’t gross and sad.

Our venue was a beautiful old schoolhouse surrounded by wheat fields, about half an hour away from where I attended high school. We decided on a fall theme (duh, because I’m Marge, Autumn Queen) and tried to incorporate wordsy things as much as possible because J. and I both have English degrees. (He’s an English teacher, and I’m an editor.)

Our ceremony was outside, surrounded by lush maple trees and plenty of pumpkins. I bawled like a baby walking down the isle, even though I carefully picked the music so that I WOULD’NT cry and kept telling myself I wasn’t going to. We had our good friend officiate the ceremony because we wanted someone we knew well and felt comfortable around.

Our flowers came from my cousin Jordyn at Floral Mountains—I carried a gorgeous bouquet of dahlias and oak leaves down the aisle, and our centerpieces were pumpkins filled with flowers. Didn’t she do an amazing job?! Go check out her website ASAP!

Our reception was held inside the schoolhouse in the old gymnasium—it still has the original floor, and one of the original basketball hoops is still up. We cut a lot of costs by making a lot of our own decorations and thrifting what we couldn’t make. The venue also provided a ton of extra stuff for us, like cute chalkboards we could write quotes on.

Our guest book was an old dictionary in which we asked guests to choose words they thought best described us or were best suited for the day (another cost we cut). Everyone had a lot of fun picking out words, and J. and I were so excited to sit down and look at them all!

We served a buffet of chili with all the fixings, cornbread, and a hot cocoa station. A former co-worker of J., who used to bake cakes professionally before going into the education field, offered to make our cake as our wedding gift. It looked like a birch tree and had three different flavors: pink champagne, key lime, and chocolate peanut butter. And I made our cake topper—I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!

I wore a tea-length lace dress with a sweetheart neckline and corset lacing in the back (purchased on eBay for only $80!). I accessorized it with a birdcage veil featuring red flowers, my grandmother’s wedding pearls and earrings from the ’60s, red-toed shoes from Modcloth, red lipstick, and a faux-fur white stole with a brooch to match my necklace.

Our first dance was to Annie’s Song by John Denver—a personal favorite of mine, and which I later learned my parents had also played at their wedding. Cue all the emotional tears.

Our send-off as newlyweds was though a tunnel of our loved ones waving a shower of sparklers in the crisp fall night air. It was perfect.

And now for the picture you’ve all been waiting for: our rings

Hope you enjoyed our wedding recap! Cheers!


Dollar Tree Beauty Haul

Dollar Tree is a treasure trove of undiscovered beauty essentials (I could probably do a whole post on what to buy and what not to buy, honestly), and I thought I’d share a few beauty items I picked up recently that you guys might be interested in reading about.

First up is a beauty blender! They have these in a variety of colors and are surprisingly soft. I was a little nervous it would be rough on my face, but it’s not. If you’re interested in trying a beauty blender but don’t want to spend $10+ to see if it works for you, then head over to Dollar Tree, my friend.

Next are some LA Colors matte lipsticks. They had this impressive endcap set up when I was there, with all sorts of LA Colors products. I picked out these matte lipsticks (ok, one says lip gloss, but how can a gloss be matte?). The “gloss” is more burgundy and the lipstick is a bright red.

The red lipstick, unfortunately, looked cheap when I applied it, and it looked semi-translucent when applied. Not a good look. I’d advise staying away from these. The “gloss” was ridiculously difficult to get off. It felt super sticky on my lips, but didn’t transfer a whole lot when I touched them with my fingertips. They were both difficult to apply, as you can probably see in the pictures below. They’re both patchy and uneven, and I couldn’t get my lower lip defined right. 

Cheapo matte red lippie

Sticky, patchy matte lippie

And the last thing I picked up is an eyebrow stencil (also from the LA Colors endcap) that has three different styles to choose from. These, surprisingly, work pretty dang well. I cut out the little piece of plastic in the middle so it was a little more user friendly. I used it in the picture above, but it’s not a great view, so I’m sorry! I will say I did like it enough to use for my wedding, though. 

And that’s all for now—thanks for reading! 

Five Tips for Buying on eBay

So maybe you’re not looking to sell on eBay, but you’re looking to buy instead. Or maybe you want to do a little of both to justify your shopping habit. 🙋🏻  Here are five tips to follow before impulse bidding on that special thing you’ve had your eye on.

1. Ask. Don’t be afraid to message the seller for more information (such as measurements) or pictures of the product (for instance, if only a stock photo has been provided, or if the photos are of poor quality)—you’re potentially giving them your money, after all, so make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

2. Research. What is the typical going rate for this item? Has the seller jacked up the price? Can you get this somewhere else for cheaper, either online or in a physical store? If it’s a clothing item, does it run true to size? If it’s an electronic item, do many people report technical issues or other problems with it? It never hurts to do a little digging around before buying.

3. Review. Look at the seller’s history—what is their seller rating? What are the reviews for shipping, etc. like? Do they seem reputable? Do they have many complaints? Where is this item shipping from?

4. Follow. Looking for something in particular? You can set a follow alert for your mobile device (using combinations of words and/or phrases) so you’ll be notified when new items matching your description are listed. For example, I followed “Modcloth heels ivory” (and several other variations) when I was looking for a particular shoe for my wedding.

5. Offer. Sometimes a seller gives the option for buyers to give their best offer. If you’re good at haggling, this can be a great way to score a deal. You and the seller counter with offers until an agreed price is reached (or declined).

Buying on eBay can be extremely fun—especially when you find something you’ve been looking everywhere for and manage to snag it for a good price. I hope these tips inspire you to push that “bid now” button!

Happy bidding!

Which Eye Shadow Palette Should I Take on Our Honeymoon?

Hey, everyone!

We currently have 14 days until we leave for our honeymoon, which means I need a little help deciding which eye shadow palette I should take with me! I’m not a light packer, so narrowing it down to one I can toss in my carry on is a must — and I’d love your input!

Our contender are :

Can you tell I’m a palette hoarder? This isn’t even my whole collection.

I picked these particular palettes because they are the ones I use most often. I like each of these because of the variety of shades contained in each one, which means many different options for each day of our trip. Can you tell I get bored easily?

Ok, now for the perks of each:

  • The Naked palettes include a mixture of mattes and shimmery colors, and the brushes are included in the case, which would mean I don’t have to pack extra brushes.
  • The Stila palette has all mattes and a combo of oranges, browns, and grays, which I like because it means I’m not limited to solely dark colors or neutrals.
  • The Meet Matt(e) Hughes and Lunatick palettes are all (mostly) matte shades, which I like.

Alright, I’m done talking now —I can’t wait to hear what you guys think! Let me know your thoughts, and cast your vote in the comments section! Thanks for reading!