Little Bitty Thrift Haul

Hey, all!

Since I don’t live in the same town as my work anymore and can’t go home for lunch, I’ve been finding all sorts of things to do on my lunch break — go to the library, run errands, visit a nursery, etc. Today I had to drop off a Poshmark package at the Post Office, so I figured I’d pop into Salvation Army while I was in the neighborhood.

We have a plethora of ripe blackberries growing wild on our new acreage — too many to eat before they’ll inevitably go bad — so I was hoping to find a small stock pot to do some small-batch canning this weekend. (Long story short, we have 3 giant water bath canners that I can’t use this year due to the fragility of our glass-top stove that came with the house.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a small stock pot, which seems a bit odd to me because they always seem to be the one staple thrift stores carry. One of the sales associates said they’d had a big sale last weekend and most things were cleaned out.

BUT! I did find some excellent things anyway, and I paid under $10 total! Woo!

First up, something that has been on my list — a new muffin pan. One that holds more than a paltry sum of six muffins. This one is stoneware is made by Pampered Chef. It doesn’t appear they sell it on their site anymore, but it looks like it would have cost somewhere between $25 and $45.

It was marked at $4, and I got an additional 25% off since it was an orange tag. Yowza! I’m itching to bake some morning glory muffins in it soon.

Next up, this pretty little tea kettle. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for roses and bees (not necessarily in that order), and it’s a bonus that this print matches a tray I already had at home. It only made sense to complete the set, right? 😉

It was marked at 3.99, and I got an additional 50% off since it was a yellow tag. Whatta score!

And finally, I got a pair of women’s black plaid shortalls — they’re very ’90s grunge-looking, which is what stood out to me about them. Unfortunately for me (or fortunately, since I have shortalls problem already), they are a size too big for me and will be added to my Poshmark closet for some lucky ’90s babe to rock on the reg.

Something I saw but didn’t get: a box set of some old Stephen King paperback novels. I’m thinking I might go back for them — they would be a good birthday present for J.

And so the hunt for a small stock pot continues. I might check out the Goodwill in our new town this weekend, but since it’s a small town where a lot of antiques are donated, things tend to be priced higher, and I haven’t had a whole lot of luck there.

What great things have you thrifted lately? I’d love to hear!




A Few Life Updates & Small Haul

Hello, all!

Long time no see (again). I’m sorry I’ve been so absent as of late — as I mentioned a few (many) months ago, we’ve been saving for buying a home, and I’m so excited to announce that mission has been accomplished, and we have been proud first-time homeowners for nearly three months!

Long story short, there hasn’t been much thrifting as of late. I’ve made a few small trips, but most of my effort these past few months has been concentrated on house, house, and more house, and clearing out my closet (check out my Poshmark closet for some deals on my gently loved clothing and accessories). It’s all been a bit exhausting, but I’ve loved every second of it.

I did make it to Goodwill and Salvation Army once before we moved, though, which was a nice bit of a break from everything. There’s something so calming about wandering down isles of knickknacks and racks of clothing and pondering the history behind each item. (Or is that just me? It is? Ok.)

On my trip to Goodwill, I found an assortment of cozy springtime things: two infinity scarves, a pair of green leather heels, and a crochet shawl wrap. I also found a book for my mom for Mother’s Day (Wow, that was a while ago, huh?), and a pretty tin jar I’m using to store my seeds — because we have acreage now, and I can have a garden! Wheee!

At Salvation Army, I found this pretty blue maxi skirt with tulips on it and this basket I intend to use for carrying things while puttering around the garden. I did make another stop in at SA a few weeks later (because I apparently can’t go to the Post Office without a pit stop at the thrift store afterward), and I scored this beautiful vintage floral maxi dress for only 81 cents! Aren’t those pearlescent buttons dreamy?

Oh, and I did make it to the humane society thrift store as well, which yielded my best find of the month: actual L.L. Bean boots in my size for $5.99! What a steal!

So there probably won’t be too many thrift hauls in the near future due to being pretty strapped for cash. But I’d assume there will be a few, at least!

If you’re interested in seeing some snapshots of our new life on 3 acres, you can follow me on Instagram @ unwritablegirl.

Hope you all are well and staying cool this summer!


Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, Oct. 2016

Hey, everyone! I got a little carried away last month while trying to beef up my fall/winter wardrobe. I had two pretty successful trips to Value Village in October.

The first trip was mostly focused on sweaters—especially ones that can serve double duty as work wear and casual wear. I ended up with three sweaters (ok, technically one is a sweater dress), a blouse, and a denim button up.

Blouse with diamonds: 4.99

Orange sweater dress: 9.99

Red sweater: 4.99

Dusty orange sweater: 6.99, half off for 3.49

Denim button-up: 3.99

I also snagged some outerwear. I was looking for a rain coat, but I ended up with this dreamy Audrey Horne-esque plaid coat and a corduroy jacket instead.

Corduroy jacket: 14.99,  half off for 7.49

Long plaid coat: 12.99, half off for 7.49

This was a pretty good excursion, in my opinion, because I don’t typically find colored-tag-of-the-day items that I actually like, but on this trip I found three that I love!

I also got a bunch of books:

Not really sure why I bought so many when my to-read list is already 10 miles long, but since this excursion I’ve managed to finish both Eggs and The Red Pony.

The second excursion was focused on finding a little stool, but of course I ended up with more than I needed.

I did find a little “stool”—this ugly little brass chair with a horrendous leopard-print cushion, which I plan on giving an overhaul (new paint and new cushion)—but I also found a few purses and some maxi dresses.

I’m discovering that I love maxi dresses. I have one that I wear to work all the time, and I was hoping to find more—they’re perfect for those “I don’t know what to wear, so I guess I’ll just throw on this dress and a sweater” days. Or for days when you’re running a tad late.

This dreamy ’90s denim/floral maxi is probably my favorite of the bunch. It’s by my favorite brand to thrift, All That Jazz, which always seems to make the cutest dresses.

The red polka dot one probably won’t get much wear until the spring, but the other two are perfect for fall.

Red polka dot maxi: 9.99

Denim floral maxi: 7.99

Leopard maxi: 12.99

I did think these dresses were a tad overpriced, but I loved them too much to pass on them! They will all get a lot of wear because they can double as work clothes and spring/summer dresses.

And here’s what I scored in the purse department:

Betsey Johnson purse: 12.99

Daisy patterned purse: 4.99

The Betsey one is practically brand new, so this was an especially good deal. And you can’t go wrong with a little leopard print! The daisy patterned purse will get a lot of use this coming spring and summer. I just love the ’90s feel it exudes, don’t you?

I apologize that this post is so late (it’s almost mid-November—yikes!), but I’ve been feeling very discouraged and disheartened since the election. I fully intended to post it earlier, but I’ve been trying to focus on self care and making sure my hurting friends are doing ok.

This weekend I am taking a trip to Value Village again—partly out of self care for some retail therapy, and partially because it is having a going-out-of-business sale. Yes, my beloved VV is closing permanently. I will keep you updated on what, if anything, I score.

Until next time, please make sure to take care of yourself and show kindness toward others.


Dollar Tree Beauty Haul

Dollar Tree is a treasure trove of undiscovered beauty essentials (I could probably do a whole post on what to buy and what not to buy, honestly), and I thought I’d share a few beauty items I picked up recently that you guys might be interested in reading about.

First up is a beauty blender! They have these in a variety of colors and are surprisingly soft. I was a little nervous it would be rough on my face, but it’s not. If you’re interested in trying a beauty blender but don’t want to spend $10+ to see if it works for you, then head over to Dollar Tree, my friend.

Next are some LA Colors matte lipsticks. They had this impressive endcap set up when I was there, with all sorts of LA Colors products. I picked out these matte lipsticks (ok, one says lip gloss, but how can a gloss be matte?). The “gloss” is more burgundy and the lipstick is a bright red.

The red lipstick, unfortunately, looked cheap when I applied it, and it looked semi-translucent when applied. Not a good look. I’d advise staying away from these. The “gloss” was ridiculously difficult to get off. It felt super sticky on my lips, but didn’t transfer a whole lot when I touched them with my fingertips. They were both difficult to apply, as you can probably see in the pictures below. They’re both patchy and uneven, and I couldn’t get my lower lip defined right. 

Cheapo matte red lippie

Sticky, patchy matte lippie

And the last thing I picked up is an eyebrow stencil (also from the LA Colors endcap) that has three different styles to choose from. These, surprisingly, work pretty dang well. I cut out the little piece of plastic in the middle so it was a little more user friendly. I used it in the picture above, but it’s not a great view, so I’m sorry! I will say I did like it enough to use for my wedding, though. 

And that’s all for now—thanks for reading! 

Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, Sept. 2016

Hey everyone, it’s that time of the month again! (Not that time, sheesh.) I only made it to the thrift store once in September because of all the wedding stuff I had to do. And I didn’t get a super amazing haul—I only got two things.

I know, I’m as surprised as you are. But I am really excited about what I got!

I didn’t really need any more clothes, but I couldn’t resist a few new things for our honeymoon (even though I keep telling myself my wardrobe is fine because Ireland weather is essentially Portland weather & I have everything I need).

After meandering throughout the store for nearly an hour, I decided on this cute plaid dress (Jordan calls it my PB&J dress) and this fluffy sweater—the pearl buttons sold me!

The dress I will wear with leggings and rain boots, most likely, and probably a scarf. The sweater will be nice with dark jeans, sneakers, and some red lipstick (obviously).

What did you thrift last month?

Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, Aug. 2016

Happy first day of September, everyone! Is it just me, or did summer fly by so dang fast? I made a few stops to some thrift stores this last month and found some amazing stuff! Let’s start off with this swoon-worthy denim skirt pictured below. 

Denim Mossimo skirt—I fell in love with this skirt at Target, but it was 19.99, and I didn’t want to fork over that much money when I knew I could find a similar one at a thrift store. Fast-forward 20 minutes later: I’m in Goodwill, pulling the exact same skirt off the rack, priced at 6.99. SCORE.

Vinyl—I paid a total of $30ish for 12 LPs (2.99 each), which was a pretty damn good deal. Most notably: John Denver’s Poems, Prayers, and Promises. I’d been looking EVERYWHERE for it.

I floated on cloud nine the rest of the day after the skirt + vinyl haul. It was too good to be true. (For any of you Vancouver, WA, people, the Fourth Plain Goodwill almost always has excellent stuff.) Most of the thrift stores J. and I have scoured for vinyl never have that great of a selection, so I snatched up what I could.

I made a trip to the humane society’s thrift store (ReTails) as well, scoring some wedding décor:

Webster’s student dictionary—we’re using this for our “guest book.”

Orange candle holder—we will use this to hold the pens for the guest book. 3.99

Hankies—this is my “something blue!” Plus the red one for my mom, which I’d like to embroider something nice on for her, and hopefully I can find one for my mom-in-law too. 2.99 each

This total came out to roughly $11, plus a free reusable tote to carry it all out in (which our cat later discovered on the bed and decided to roll around on).

A few other notable items thrifted throughout the month:

White House Black Market blouse, 7.99—I’m always on the lookout for work clothes, and this blouse is perfect paired with some skinny slacks and flats.

Two more Johnny D. LPs—I don’t think I need to say anything about this. 2.99 each.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my finds throughout August. 

What did you score at the thrift store this last month? 

Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store, 7.16

Heading into a thrift store, for me, is always a moment filled with anticipation and unspoken possibilities. I’m eager for the hunt, so to speak, and to scour the store for items on my mental thrift list. (What, you don’t have one? You should.)

I swung by Salvation Army on the day of its storewide 50% off sale, and boy, was I NOT disappointed. This sale was such a score for me that I haven’t stopped talking about it all month; it’s gotten to the point where my fiancé rolls his eyes when I mention it. (Ok, J., I’ll stop talking about the sale now, sheesh.)
Here’s the lowdown:

-overalls—I almost didn’t snag these—even though I always look for overalls and never see any—because they’re a little big. But J. said they looked good on me, and that was all the convincing I needed.

-Pendelton wool—Everyone needs a good flannel button-up. This is also going to be perfect for Ireland! And fall, duh—my One True Love. (Sorry, J.) AND with the sale, it was only $3!

-red strappy sandals—these were brand new! Still had tags and the paper stuffing. Perfect for summer. 

-ivory shoes w/ bows (69 cents!)—thought these might go well with my wedding dress, but they’re too dark in color. So they will be work shoes instead.

-Hardcover copy of Dracula w/ Edward Gorey illustrations

The Wastelands by Stephen King, because I’m almost finished with the second Dark Tower book. 

A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man paperback (trying to read as much Joyce as possible before Ireland)

-terracotta pot—for transplanting my succulents (Gardening pots, etc. are so cheap at thrift stores, you guys. If you haven’t jumped on this yet, you should.)

-chicken dish set—new in box. My mom loves chickens, so this will make a nice birthday gift for her—I think she’ll get a kick out of the chicken foot.

My thrifting as of late has yielded more housewares than clothing and accessories, I’m realizing. But that’s fine with me; I have way too many clothes. Although I could always use more work blouses…

To be continued…

P.S Are you as surprised as I am that this post and my monthly faves are both on time?! 

Makeup Revolution Haul

Hey everyone! Thought I’d share my recent order from Makeup Revolution with you. I ordered from the UK website because it has some different items than the US one.

Originally I only wanted the Goddess of Love highlighter. Isn’t it dreamy? So shimmery!

Been wearing this every damn day, I tell you hwat.

But the more I browsed through the website, the more I was convinced I should snag some eyeshadow palettes as well.

I ended up with the #Selfie palette (which has a holographic thing on the front guaranteed to induce a seizure) which I’ve used pretty frequently this month. It has a nice mix of matte and glittery shadows. The shadows aren’t super pigmented, but have just enough color for everyday wear-to-work looks.

And the names, right? Pure gold.


The #Selfie palette included a tiny bottle of Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadow primer. It came in a little black tube with an applicator (seen in the top picture), and I used it a few times. It’s very shimmery and would be nice for days you don’t want to  do a full face of makeup, as it’s a nice brightener. But I wasn’t wowed. By the end of the day, my shadow had creased and the pigment in the shadows had faded. I think I’ll stick with my Urban Decay primer, thank you.

And finally, the last palette I picked out was the Mermaids Forever set, which has 32 shades.


I’ll be honest, I’ve only had a chance to use a handful of these shades so far. There are just so many to choose from! I’ve been gravitating toward the coral/burgundy shades so far. In terms of pigment, they’re pretty much the same as the #Selfie palette. Not super pigmented, but jst the right amount of color.

Have you guys tried anything by Makeup Revolution? What’d you think? I’d love some recommendations!

—Marge 💋


Haulin’ Home the Thrift Store

It’s no secret that I’m a thrift store addict. If I were inclined to slap a bumper sticker on my car, it would read something like, “I BRAKE 4 THRIFT STORES”  (and yard sales, and flea markets, and antique shops, and estate sales…).

I feel like I don’t usually have a lot of success in Vancouver thrift stores because we’re so close to Portland — prices are double what I’m used to seeing in Eastern Washington (6.99 vs. 3.99 for a pair of shoes), and it seems like clothing is almost always the too-trendy surplus from Target that I’m never interested in. But I had pretty good luck this last month, I think, so I thought I’d share.

Let’s start off with a few purses I picked up together.

The ivory one was 6.99, and the embroidered clutch was 3.99. The embroidered one is really cool because it has leather accents, and it’s unbranded and looks fairly old. The ivory one appealed to me because of the tassels (who doesn’t like tassels?) and a unique pull-out card holder it has inside.

This next photo is from the same Goodwill but a different excursion.

  • Red robe (floor-length with black lace accents)—7.99, a little spendy, in my opinion, but I’m going to wear it while getting ready for the wedding.
  • Moody Blues album—2.99
  • Vintage denim from Thompson Jean Co.—3.99, they make my butt look A+++
  • Black leather booties—7.99 Justified the “high” price because they’ll go to Ireland with me for the honeymoon.
  • Mug—0.99

I made a trip out to the Goodwill Outlet Center this month as well, and I’m very pleased with my results. Gray jeggings, mint pullover, and navy blouse (plus a leather motorcycle jacket to sell on eBay) for 7.50 (the jacket is pretty heavy, which I think is what put the price “over the edge,” otherwise I probably would have only spent about $3.)

Practically a complete outfit!

I also went to two stores with my mom & my fiancé over Memorial Day weekend while home in Spokane (her idea, not mine—I swear!). I didn’t intend to buy anything (as usual), but 3.99 kitty flats? Um, yes please.

  • Chambray blouse—3.99
  • American flag purse—4.99
  • Kitty flats—3.99
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God, paperback—1.99

The show stealer of the month? A down comforter (not pictured), practically brand new, for only 14.99. I probably wouldn’t have even considered buying it if it weren’t for my mom’s complete overhaul of my childhood bedroom—complete with hotel-style bedding (Read: white sheets, down comforter. Catch my drift?).

My fiancé is lucky I’m so thrifty. My shopping habits would be a big problem if I didn’t buy secondhand.

Also our bed is going to be so comfy. Just putting that out there.

Do you guys like reading thrift hauls? Should I do this more often (budget willing)?