Confessions of a Lipstick Addict

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Hello, everyone! And welcome to the newest feature on the NTS—Confessions of a Lipstick Addict. At any given moment, I have around 5 to 7 lipsticks jumbled at the bottom of my purse, and I recently thought to myself, “Maybe people want to know what this is like?”

At the end of every week I will empty my purse and give you a breakdown of which lipsticks I find there. This is bound to reveal some sort of interesting pattern (whether it’ll be seasonal trends or my clutter problem remains to be seen). And hopefully you all will find this somewhat interesting.

But enough of my rambling. Let’s get this first one going.

At the moment I haven’t emptied my purse in probably two-ish weeks (let’s be honest, it’s probably longer than that), so there is quite the collection of lipsticks amassed at the bottom. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Revlon’s Teak Rose
NYX’s Euro Trash
Revlon’s Certainly Red
Revlon’s Rosewine
Urban Decay’s F-Bomb
Urban Decay’s Matte Temper
Rimmel’s 01

These are all shades of red, minus Euro Trash, which is more of a geige or almost-nude color, and Temper, which is more of an orangey-red. And I honestly can’t remember when I last wore the latter—late summer or early fall, maybe? Yikes. Probably good that I’m doing this.

And in purse #2 (because I often switch throughout the week):
Revlon’s Wine With Everything
Revlon’s Rose Velvet
Mary Kay’s Berry a la Mode
LA Girl’s Snuggle
Revlon’s Really Red
Maybelline’s Rum Riche
And a No Bleeding Lips liner

From the combined above lipsticks, we can deduce that I’ve mostly been wearing red (duh), with the occasional greige/nude shade—I usually find myself reaching for these sorts of colors near the middle of the week, for some reason, with my bright reds like F-Bomb or Certainly Red either on Mondays or Fridays. The Berry a la Mode is the only purply one in the lot, and I didn’t really like it—the color is gorgeous, but it goes on patchy.

Oh. Also sometimes I throw lipsticks in my lunch bag—you know, after touching up after eating—so sometimes I find some there, and they will also be included in the end-of-week breakdown. But not this one.

Hope you enjoyed this little breakdown of my addiction—let me know if you enjoyed this!

—Marge 💋


Five Drugstore Greige Lipsticks You Need for Fall

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Say so long to burgundy and wine lipsticks this fall, and say hello to shades of greige. Greige (gray + beige with a touch of mauve) is going to be the biggest lip trend this fall, you guys. I can feel it in my heart’s soul.

Greige is grungy. Greige stands out while remaining soft and mauvey. It’s the perfect lip color for fall as the seasons change and we begin to wind down for winter.

And if you’re a lipstick fanatic like me, you probably already have a few greige shades or close-to-greige shades in your lippie drawer but don’t even know it — greige is nothing but a slightly ridiculous funny name for a color that’s been around for a while, after all.

Here are my five favorite drugstore greige and almost-greige lipsticks (that I actually wear pretty regularly and just had no idea greige was a thing):

  1. NYX Euro Trash (matte)
  2. Maybelline Touch of Spice (matte)
  3. NYX Thalia
  4. Revlon Rose Velvet
  5. LA Girl Snuggle (matte)

  1. NYX’s Euro Trash might be my favorite greige I own. It looks pink in the tube, but once applied is a beautiful light mauve with a hint of gray. I think it looks different throughout the day, depending on what kind of lighting you’re in, and depending on how it contrasts with what you’re wearing.


2. Maybelline’s Touch of Spice is a close second fave. I accidentally smashed this one in the cap and about cried when I had to go buy another—that’s how frequently I wear this beautiful deep mauvey shade. It’s matte and not drying, so your lips don’t feel horrible by the end of the day. It will add the slightest touch of grunge to your look.

3. NYX’s Thalia isn’t matte, but is still a beautiful nude-gray shade with a touch of lavender —it’s not quite a greige, but it comes very close. This one doesn’t stay as well on my lips and has much more transfer than the above lipsticks, but it is still a beautiful color nonetheless.

4. Revlon’s Rose Velvet is much like Thalia in terms of wear and transfer, but it’s a touch darker in color—more light mauvey than lavender. It’s another almost-greige that many of you might already have in your lipstick hoards.

5. Lastly, we have LA Girl’s Snuggle, which is a creamy matte lippie I can’t get enough of. This one is less widely available but can be purchased at CVS stores or online through various vendors. Snuggle is almost nude with a very slight touch of gray, and it doesn’t transfer a whole lot or dry your lips out—if anything, my lips feel softer and more hydrated when I wear this one, and it complements practically any outfit.

The great thing about greige shades is that they can look super professional but also a little edgy—they’re almost nude, but not quite, and your coworkers can’t put their finger on why it’s a little different.

The above pictures document a week’s worth of greige lipsticks that I wore to work—and I work in a professional environment. Each shade was lined with Ofra’s lip liner in the color Silk (which is a very versatile shade, if you’re looking for a higher-end liner).

I hope this inspires you to hop on the bandwagon try out some new colors.  Raise your hand if you’d like to see a higher-end greige lipstick post!

—Marge 💋